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  • I think Opera GX will soon follow Opera R2020 and get Workspaces, but I'm impatient, and if it's not certain yet, I just want to say that I'm extremely hyped for Workspaces in Opera GX, and I think I speak for every Opera GX user out there when I say that it's maybe the only feature missing to make Opera GX "beyond perfect"! I simply could not ask for more! Opera GX is the best browser out there, and I can't say just how many times I wished I could do exactly that... Right now either I use multiple desktops, I use multiple browsers like having Opera, Opera GX, and Firefox open at the same time, or I just tolerate having different groups of tabs next to each other in one window (two windows isn't convenient because of closing the program only re-opens the last closed window), and you come-up with that just in time!

    I am ecstatic about Opera GX, and I talk about it, and recommend it to all my friends every chance I get. It's the thing I'm most proud of on my computer, more than Raimeter, more than Ubuntu command line boxes in Windows Subsystem for Linux, more than IDE windows, more than Discord, or BlueStacks, ... The jewel of my desktop if Opera GX, it's simply the best thing in the world, and I could not thank you enough with words for letting me use it.

    I just wanted you to know what I would be waiting for Workspaces for Opera GX in Agony until release, and I cannot wait for it to be part of my life, and for my world to come together even better than Opera GX lets me already have it... I am going to have my entire life at my fingertips, just a mouse click away will allow me to shift seamlessly between universes... I think you're the most underrated company in the world, and I hope you don't need money, or popularity, because it kinda makes me cool to use Opera over the othe rbrowsers, and my friends thank me for recommending Opera GX, and Opera Touch to them.

    We are all very thankful, and we hope to see Workspaces appear in our browsers soon.

    Again: Thank you! 😁

  • They could add the drag and drop directly from addressbar to any workspace, on the sidebar icons workspaces. So you can quickly add single pages or move any from one workspace to another.

  • I am also hoping for workspaces in Opera GX.

  • yes!
    I been waiting for workspaces so long, I always wanted a way to have multiple sessions of the browser to separate work and personal, Workspaces do the trick and will be very welcome on GX.

  • Yes!
    Would be very helpful Workspaces in Opera GX.

  • Hello guys, I found workspaces section in opera://flags/ page and enabled but I couldn't find workspaces.

  • @thecryptograph As far as I know, GX doesn't have workspaces yet. Maybe when it upgrades to Opera 67.

  • @leocg I hope so

  • finally update has come 🙂

  • Hi,

    I don’t see any Workspaces feature in Opera GX 67.

  • @raphael-mioche Hi, I'm using workspaces. You can enable this feature it by following these steps; "Settings > User Interfaces > Enable Workspaces"


  • I don’t see this option:

    Opera Snapshot_2020-03-15_172311_settings.png

    Usually, I use Opera GX in French but to be sure I tested in English (GB).

    Also, to avoid the case if the auto update program encountered an issue during update I tested with full package here:

    But unfortunately it’s the same situation, no option “Enable Workspaces” available in: opera://settings/startPage => “User interface”.

    I tried a stand alone installation in English (US) but still no option.

    So, in flags page I found this: opera://flags/#workspaces with status: Default [E]. I changed this to Enabled and now it's available, but:

    Did you see this? Where it's specify: “You can also click the three-dot menu at the bottom of your sidebar to open the sidebar setup panel”: text alternatif

    I don’t see this panel when I click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of my sidebar. So, I can’t personalize this feature.

    EDIT: Ok, I found in flags page, this option: opera://flags/#sidebar-setup-panel it resolves the last issue mentioned.

  • @raphael-mioche Is available on Opera GX 67.0.3575.79]


    Im using it on linux and windows 10 btw :p

  • Hi,

    as far I know there isn’t version 67.0.3575.79 with GX branch of Opera. The last snapshot is here:

    Opera GX on Linux… Are you sure?. I can’t find this here:

    Read again my previous post I already explain my experience. 😉


  • Yeah, I got it in the last update! LVL 1 (core: 67.0.3575.78) on Windows 10 (automatic update, no manual downloading).

    I didn't notice it until I left-clicked on a tab, and there it was! Wonderful 😄

  • @raphael-mioche there's no 67 branch on GX, are you drunk?

    what I am using then?

    Windows 10:

  • @g3nsvrv btw, I never said that I was using the deb build, im using opera gx using wine on deepin.

  • @g3nsvrv said in Workspaces?:

    @raphael-mioche there's no 67 branch on GX…

    I said what you can read above: there is no version 67.0.3575.79 for Opera GX like you said but 67.0.3575.78.
    67.0.3575.79 : Opera Desktop
    67.0.3575.78 : Opera GX

    @g3nsvrv said in Workspaces?:

    …are you drunk?

    Do I answer to you for this… ?

    @g3nsvrv said in Workspaces?:

    @g3nsvrv btw, I never said that I was using the deb build, im using opera gx using wine on deepin.

    Here's what you said before:

    @g3nsvrv said in Workspaces?:

    Im using it on linux and windows 10 btw :p

    So you can understand my answer to you. Thank you for clarifying your comment.

  • New version (update 67.0.3575.87) also has no workspace (((


  • I found a solution to run the workspace you need to go into the deep settings and and enable it manually here is the link: opera://flags/#workspaces