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  • Here you can post comments about GrammarNazi (Spell and Grammar checker) extension, created by nazigramatical

  • Gross I hate the name discrimination of Jews

  • @techingenius: dude it's a meme term relax

  • As a German I can tell you, "GrammarNazi" is NOT a funny name. Especially when using an icon that reminds the swastika.

  • In forums, a person who habitually points out spelling and grammatical errors is called a grammar nazi - I was one myself about 15 years ago. At the time I considered the term itself insulting, but I didn't invent the term. Or the extension, I am just providing context for the name. I certainly would suggest the author should find a better name, though.

  • Its a realy really bad name.... you should change it

  • Hello it is very bad name, considering historical heritage completely unacceptable...
    And Logo!
    Moderators should remove this plugin.

  • Guys, I just want to know if it works

  • @tomashei: I totally agree

  • For the people telling others to "relax" or that the name is just a meme, consider that how the name affects you isn't the point. The point IS that for a great many people (including myself), the name is deeply hurtful. Many American Jews lost family in the holocaust. Given the scope of that historical trauma, the ghosts of those individuals often feel very present in our lives. Using the words and symbols associated with the system that caused that trauma is a reflection of callous indifference, historical ignorance, and intellectual laziness. To the devs - I urge you to put your ego aside. There are better ways you can take a stand for your rights of free expression. Ways that don't reference the murder of 6,000,000 people.

  • @jottemm: Stop being so sensitive about it man.

  • @Gunniblo Please explain me why should I stop being sensitive about something as horrible as this is? I don't know which country you live in. Maybe this is the reason for you to think that it's not a big thing to use such expressions.

    I live in Germany and I really do know what it might cause not to be sensible about discrimination. In Germany we say "Wehret den Anfängen" which means to defend against the beginnings. This is a cause of the very bad experience to miss the point at which you still can end something bad. It is very very important to be sensitive.

  • @jottemm No, It's very weak to be sensitive about this stuff. if you just want to rug the holocaust under the carpet and forget all about it, then I'll tell you that History has a way of repeating itself. that's is why jokes are a fun way of actually telling people that something is bad, without lecturing them or censoring them.
    and if you start censoring people from making jokes about shit like this, then it's a very slippery slope to which you cannot even criticise the government.
    for example, right NOW in china, the government is Censoring it's Citizens, and now people are rioting there. because they don't stand for that shit. but looks like the government will win. and furthermore, there is probably gonna be WWIII with China in the future.
    that is why freedom of speech is very IMPORTANT.

    It's a joke, Grammar nazi. and it's not even directly referencing The holocaust (another person was talking about holocaust). it's actually a joke about a person that is overly critical about spelling or Grammar when talking online.
    and if you can't take a joke like that because it reminds you of the swastika. then you need to grow a thicker skin.

    and btw, WWII ruined the swastika. it's actually a really cool design. and it's a shame that it's now associated with such a Terrible even.