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  • Hello

    I have problem with spell checking, it asks to download dictionaries but when I download it I get a file and I don't know what to do?

  • Which version of Opera?

    If Opera Blink (Opera 15+), right click on a text area then on "spell checker options" to change dictionaries, turn spellchecker on/off, etc.

    Almost the same for Opera Presto (12.17 and older).

  • but be aware, that compared to old Presto Opera (11.6) the spell checking seems to be rather slow.

  • Are you kidding? It's the same thing...

  • This above is a stupid joke? I didn't notice any difference in checking words. Word of the new Opera automatically highlight to me is red and the context menu also rapidly evolving to improve them. So who came up with the idea to lie?

  • I wouldn't be surprised if it was the honest truth, everyone has different experiences on their end with software as broad in scope as a web browser. I'm on Windows XP and my experience with Opera has been quite different from others like users with Linux or even Windows 7 for example. Its not necessary to lie about problems with Opera, Opera itself shows it and boy are there many in my case! Get this, Opera "Turbo" kicks up commonly saying it detects that I'm on a slow connection even though I'm using a 25-70 Mbps download Fibre Optic to the Home setup (I'm on one of the fastest Internet provider packages in my country) and it thinks I'm on dial-up!! Not making this up!

  • @infuriated354 You had this problem with Opera 12, the old version that isn't maintained anymore. Way to miss the point of the discussion. Stop hijacking others' threads!

  • I may have to clarify my words.
    lets make an example. I write this message, its in english, Opera higlights every word in this first sentence as they are obviously all wrong considered German.

    My cursor is at the dot, I right click somewhere in the message box, set my Dictionary to english US, and ....
    Now comes the part that is different to my previous (11.6) Presto. All words are still highlighted - that never happend in the Presto builds.

    Now on my new and fast Win Vista rig, they get slowly checked AFTER I pressed Enter to start the new sentence.
    While typing, the spell checking seems to be immediate, like on my old broken WinXP rig with my loved 11.6 Opera.

    Oh well. As they say: Your mileage may vary

  • @falloutboy09
    Oh, that didn't used to be like that, before the current version Opera Blink used to re-check the whole field for correctly/incorrectly typed words just like Opera Presto does. It's a new bug I reported as DNA-21956.