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  • I'm not sure which came first, as this is my first time ever using Opera, however:
    The UI and general navigation is incredibly similar to my old browser, Vivaldi (though props for the CPU and RAM limiter), and one thing I find myself wanting to switch back for - is tab stacking.

    In Vivaldi, you can drag one tab over another, to 'stack' them into a cluster. Then you can 'tile' that stack to have the two, three, or four pages you've got in that cluster - display on your screen.

    I realise that the response to this post may largely just be "Go back to Vivaldi then", but I thought I'd drop this feature into requests, since it is an awesome feature - and Opera could make use of it.

  • Opera used to have this feature way before but they decided to drop it for some reason when they changed their rendering engine to chrome. It might be interesting to know that the creator of Vivaldi used to work for Opera for quite some time. That's likely the reason why they are quite similar to some extend.
    I'd love to get this feature back but there been already a couple of requests for this without luck so far.

  • Drop is the wrong word since it wasn't in Chromium ... they decided not to reimplement it.

  • Granted, but from a consumers perspective both lead to the same result.

    I still remember the announcement -
    "[...] for all new products Opera will use WebKit as its rendering engine and V8 as its JavaScript engine. It’s built using the open-source Chromium browser as one of its components. Of course, a browser is much more than just a renderer and a JS engine, so this is primarily an “under the hood” change. Consumers will initially notice better site compatibility, especially with mobile-facing sites [...]"

    They came up with a completely different browser. And they didn't call it Operium or smth. (Yeah I'm still a bit mad about announcement vs. what they shipped. Been a long time user before - even paid to remove that little ad when it was still a thing.)

  • In that regard, I see that Chrome is introducing "tab groups" as early as next week (like tab stacks, but with the ability to name and color-code the stacks). Workspaces has some merit as an alternative to stacks/groups, but needs some more to it.

  • @shn1zzl0 In fact they dropped it even before have changed to Chromium. Tab stacking in Opera Presto was never more then an experiment.