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  • Hello all,
    well I installed the Opera GX browser on my work station (Windows 10) and on my notebook (Windows 7).
    After the installation on the notebook I replaced the profile directory on notebook with the one from my workstation.
    (So everything has the same settings.) -> worked perfectly. 🙂

    After that I created a Opera Account and logged myself in with the created account on both devices.
    I configured the sync option for bookmarks, history, settings and open tabs. So far everything was good.

    I used and tested the browser on my notebook by changing a single setting, placing a new bookmark, opening a new website and surfing through the internet. The browser was closed after that and I wanted to continue on my workstation.

    Now I'm having an issue.
    I expected that everything I changed in the browser on the notebook should appear in the browser on the workstation, but it didn't. Except for the bookmark, that worked.
    I couldn't see the history of my notebbok in the history tap on my workstation.
    All open tabs from my notebook were not visible for me on my workstation. (Maybe I couldn't find the correct option, but I expect that the browser (workstation) open the same tabs that I closed the browser (notebook)).
    I configured on both devices that they should open with the same tabs that they were closed with.
    The browser history was not up to date on my workstation. I couldn't find entries from the session with my notebook.

    Now I have several questions.

    • Do I have to start the synchoniatione by myself or is there a time period where it happens?
    • Is the site the only option to see my synchonized data? (I configured that every synchonized data should be encoded with personal passphrase. Even when I deconfigure this, the synchonization don't work.)
    • maybe an easy one here: The option in top right corner for my account is not visible after logging in. Is somewhere a setting to see this the hole time?

    I hope you can help me 🙂

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • @GhostWolf You should see the history from other devices when you start typing in address bar.

  • @GhostWolf List of opened tabs should be in tabs menu.
    The other device should be running and connected.

  • @leocg Can I see the history of the other device in history tab?
    Is it possible to configure that ?

  • @leocg regarding open tab synch.
    Oh okay. I thought the synchronized data in genereal is saved at your servers and the next browser that connects catch the data from there.

    I'm only working at one device at the same time, so its cool to have this feature but unfortunately its not really practicable for me to have both devices running and connected. 😕

    Edit: I tried it right now and its not possible for me to see the open tabs of the other device. Even when both devices are running and connected.

    I'm also not able to add the sidebar "Tab" at my workstation. I'm using the newest version of Opera GX (64.0.3417.172).

  • @GhostWolf Nope, at least as far as I know.

  • @GhostWolf Synchronization may take a while to happen.

  • @leocg
    I waited several minutes after opening tabs on both devices, but the synchonization only work for bookmarks and that really quick.

    Do you know if there are any plans to work at this topic by the developers? or is it working as expected from their point of view?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards

  • @GhostWolf Last time I've checked, it was working for me.