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  • Since yesterday, Opera does´nt show any mailcontent and has blocked contents of all websides i try to open.
    What is wrong? Someone who knows a fix??

  • Are you using AdBlock?
    I've had this happen recently where AdBlock suddenly started blocking everything!
    A refresh of the filter lists fixed it.

  • Switched Adblock "off" ...... worx.
    Used it even in the past, and nothin like this happend.... i wonder what changed in adblock...

    Thanks for your comment....

  • Glad it fixed it!
    I think something untoward must have happened to AdBlock's filter lists at some point a few days ago.
    I updated them manually (I only use the first two in the list, Adblock Custom Filters and the EasyList filter) and it all came good.

  • Do you use Opera 12 or 22? I've had this happen in 12 due to a Link error (no extensions), but any advice I give about 12 wouldn't be much good on 22.

  • It happened to me in 12.17.
    Not sure which version the OP is using, but if something went wrong with AdBlock's filters, it would presumably affect all browsers that were using them.
    It does appear to have been a very temporary problem.