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Windows 10.0.18362 update issues with Opera

  • Microsoft updated my desktop Windows 10 to 10.0.18362 a couple days ago...of course they never asked or warned at all. I walked away from my PC and when I came back the PC was powered down and when I started the PC it updated.

    Opera was no longer the default. I restored that but all my speed dials were gone and MS replaced them with someone's warped version of what should be there. MS also wiped out their own taskbar, removed every file from my visible desktop, and of course reset all defaults to their own products. They also deleted two excel files I was working on and had left open plus my 2019 tax program I was working on. The 2 excel files had my data to transfer to my taxes and all were deleted. The arragonse of MS is way overboard. I hate Edge and want my Opera back.

    I cannot nor can MS Tier 2 support get my speed dials (bookmarks back). I rebuilt a few but an hour ago I had to update Icloud and that update deleted speed dials again plus taskbar.

    How can I stop this from happening again and any idea if my speed dials are stored in some folder I can restore?

  • @jpstrief47 You need to set your Windows to not automatically update.

  • @leocg

    But I have to update sometime. Will that stop all the resets and deletions?

  • @jpstrief47 In fact I'm not sure if you can do that, but you can set Windows to just install those updates on a certain time and to show a notification when there is an update that requires a restart.

  • @leocg thanks. This update cost me two days work and then again I lost some again today. Level 2 MS support has now missed two appointments after the first Level 2 had zero answers. I went out and dropped $1300 on a Mac Air laptop to see if I can stop future occurrences of this. Apple makes slight changes to my ipad when Ios is updated but nothing like this. If Edge was decent I would use it. Thanks and if you think of more please let me know.

  • @jpstrief47 Most probably something went wrong during the update and your data was reset.

    Do you know if other programs, specially non-MS ones, were affected?

  • @jpstrief47 You can try searching for Opera in your disk to see if you find something.

  • @leocg Google earth pro seems ok and that was left alone by MS?!? Corel Paintshop 2019 opens but I have to sign in and register again. Many apps or web sites like my Fidelity, Chase, Am Ex and many other were not only deleted as speed dials but when I sign on I have to go through the "don't recognize the computer steps". I had about 10 done when they all were wiped out again.

    As usual, MS is elusive. They have missed 3 phone appointments now and the one I did have they had no answers. I bet they read the narrative and filed it on the nearest desk that the person called in sick.

    Frustrating and more. I did search for an opera folder and nothing came up. Not surprising, those are usually very cryptic names. Any additional ideas are most welcome

  • @jpstrief47 one other way ya can find miss 'n stuff.. is to do a Restore from an earlier date in time..

    that is if ya created Restore Points from time to time..

    it takes about 40 min plus/minus to go back to an earlier Restore Point.. *just a thought..

  • @nvmjustagirl
    thanks...I will try although I did not manually set points. At one past point in time you could still restore. I am going to wait until MS makes their appointment today maybe....they have totally not either called the 3 of 4 last appointments and in the last one I heard my cell phone ringing in my office in the middle of dinner over 3 hours late. Could not get to it in time.

    I believe what I want them to do is see if something went horribly wrong with their update. I find it difficult to believe even MS would want to cause this much harm. I have been so involved with just getting what I have to have done that I am probably missing some steps I could do to help myself. Such when I am using excel and want to open a sheet I may have worked on 10 minutes ago or yesterday and it is held on a local drive on my PC it does not appear in the list of recently accessed sheets. Only sheets stored on Onedrive show up. That is a new one on me and maybe MS modified defaults?!?