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[Question] Automatic resizing

  • Dear OperaGX devs,

    Is it possible to "remove" the automatic resizing or add an allow manual button for automatic resizing?

    Just like Chrome, Firefox, etc., I want my browser window to still be the same size and X, Y coordinates as I set it.

    As an example:
    How I use my browser and would like it to remain the same
    See here
    After reopening it (even on my third screen instead of the first one)
    See here


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  • I haven't tried it quite that narrow - just how wide is that? - but for the sizes I have tried it does remember size and position.

  • @sgunhouse Does it save you size even after restarting the computer?

  • Sure. Though again not that narrow. Tell me how narrow that is and I'll try that.

  • ok this is a fairly old topic and I'm kinda disappointed it just didn't got attention. I'm a new user a friend suggested me GX since I work with Photoshop and need that RAM limit on my browser.
    First day using, two details I notice, one I imported every password I had on Chrome here (to GX) and still had to login in every new site I entered, as if they weren't already imported or something. At least they stayed logged in after closing a session, still mildly annoying you should take a look at that.

    Anyways.. onto the topic, every time I open Opera will I have to resize my windows to the size I want
    Because is exactly this topic what I searched for and seems like it's not been taken into consideration. Also and I don't know if it's a bug, if I have say two tabs, and drag one of them to another monitor the new window will again be in the "default"? size as if I was opening a new session aaand I get another empty window created with only the GX Corner there, as if it separated that dragged tab into two new windows, one where the dragged tab ended and another with it's separate GX Corner just below that window. That's super weird and also annoying since I can end up with a lot of new windows opened without realizing after some dragging.
    Is this a known issue or is there a fix?

  • This post is deleted!