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Dumped Opera for good now and replaced with CYBERFOX

  • Hi Opera users,

    I have finally dumped Opera for good and I doubt I will ever install it ever again in the future. I was a very long time user of Opera back in the day and then I took a break as things went stale for a while. As soon as the new Opera came out I stuck with it and things were okay. Then recently the software has just because a MASSIVE RESOURCE HOG and no longer suitable for laptops in my opinion. If you want to sit there listening to your fan going like the clappers just to do simple browser tasks then feel free but I cannot especially when I know it is not necessary. If someone has a powerful desktop they may want to waste resources with Opera but if you want to save energy then find another. Reminds me of what you get when you try Linux on laptops today where they end up overheating compared to Windows machines.

    So how could I fill the void of Opera? Well Palemoon would have been the route but it is not up to date and lacks that speed needed after using Opera. So after much testing I went for Cyberfox 64bit which clocks up a good 3100+ on Peacekeeper benchmark and feels fluid. I can hardly see a speed different between it and Opera and in some ways it can even feel faster. The best of all folks is that there is no hogging of resources and my fan hardly ever winds up even opening a lot of multiple tabs, try that with Opera. I do not know what in the hell is going on with Opera but its a shame it is no longer worthy of being used on a iCore5 2.6Ghz laptop.

  • The Speed Dial puts the awe in "awesome.". But Opera 22 is a wonderful browser for many other reasons too. Like my good man, I do love Discover. And use it every day. And the extensions, which have made for me a better browser than what I had before. The browser is lighning fast, gets me anywhere I ever wanted to go. So sorry. anunnaki2 that you don't (smile) see the light. But I do wish you well. You need to be happy with anything you choose. But Cyberfox? Now really. :).

    Every browser is different. And people have different needs. As for posting three times in this forum in different threads within a few minutes of each other, with little to say, you are really filled with yourself. This thread is more of the same infernal whining.

  • I have finally dumped Opera for good ... blah blah blah... whine... sniff sniff.

    Okay. You had your few minutes on the soap box. Does that feel better now that you've informed us of your intentions (as if we cared)? W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r. Good-bye. Be happy (we are). :-p

  • opera not really a hogger in my opinion. whats a true resource hogger is chrome.