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Overlay Scrollbar VS Native Scrollbar

  • I believe a recent problem with Opera 66.0.3515.27 was the removal of the #overlay-scrollbar flag.
    This flag is simple and minimalist. It makes the screen more pleasant.
    If any developer of this software is reading what the community recommends, maybe putting the flag back in the new version would be very interesting to all.

    OverlayScrollbar tag Native Scrollbar
    Scrollbar alt text

    Just because it doesn't stay on the screen and disappear after a period of inactivity makes it much more efficient to use Opera with that flag...

    I compared version 66.0.3515.27 to 64.0.3417.92, the old one is better.

  • @nickcagenick You may need to ask in a Chromium forum, since it was a Chromium flag. Also, flags are (almost) always something temporary, so bring one back may not make sense.

  • @nickcagenick

    Do you remember the latest version where existed?

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  • @zalex108 Yes, 64.0.3417.92.

    @leocg Already exists: Here and here, and you are right this will not come back, but why not keep up in Opera? This is my question and observation... Chromium is one open project (sometimes) but it seems that the community does not choose anything else but google that chooses arbitrarily. This is sad, very sad.

    PS: If you try in the most recent Chromium version (79.0.3945.117) shotcut this argument:
    chromium --enable-features=OverlayScrollbar,OverlayScrollbarFlashAfterAnyScrollUpdate,OverlayScrollbarFlashWhenMouseEnter
    This work, but it is not the same with Opera..

  • @nickcagenick

    There's something related to Flags.

    Version X has a Flag.
    Version Y don't.

    If you enable it on X and upgrade to Y it will still be there and Workin if the code exist.

    • Passwords Import as an example -.

    If you install Y from scratch the Flag does not exist either on the file where they are located.


    I will try it since had enabled but forgot to check it.

    You can also dive in it:

    • Download JSONEdit from Tomeko's website
    • Open Local State [Browser - Flags] file from your Opera Profile

    If the Flag entry exist, then the code is gone.

    If not, adding it could do the trick.

  • Hi @nickcagenick, the flag is still there, but it's hidden. You can make it available by enabling opera:flags#temporary-unexpire-flags-m76, and restarting the browser. After that, you will be able to enable the opera:flags#overlay-scrollbars once again. Also two "Flash Overlay Scrollbars" flags will be back as well.

    You're welcome @zalex108 ;-)

  • Thanks both!

    @nickcagenick for recalling.
    @l33t4opera for the info.

    @l33t4opera your way is more comfortable, will use it for the working profiles.

    |- I've Just installed the 64.0.3417.92, enabled the Flags, updated to latest and they still work. -.

  • @l33t4opera Great! I'll try your suggestion now! You really help me 🙂
    @zalex108 Ok, I'll try too, I'm in this version now, if I can't, I'll notice here

  • Just noticed that the Flags on the Dev do not appear, but adding them on the Local State works.


  • @nickcagenick I think that hacking Chromium code, with all the problems that come with it, just to bring something that probably will stop working in a few months doesn't make much sense.

  • You may additionally need to ask in a Chromium forum, considering it was a Chromium flag. Also, flags are (almost) usually some thing temporary, so bring one lower back may also no longer make sense.