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  • Why won't any browser save the current session information in history?

    I just had my Windows hard-lock (due to friend's faulty hard-drive that I was trying to rescue files from). I had to force a Windows restart, but then Opera and Chrome (which were both open at the time) lost all their open tabs. Neither restored the previous session (I had that option enabled on both of them) nor were they found in history. All open tabs on both browsers disappeared like they were never opened.

    Something like this could be easily preventable with a simple list: "Here are the tabs that this user has opened, but which weren't closed by said user". This is a security feature that should be default on each and every browser. There is simply no down side on having this list.

  • @qualdan I think Opera already saves open tabs in a file:
    C:\Users\ [system profile] \AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Current Tabs

  • @jojo0587 I'm aware of that, but since you only notice the missing tabs after opening the browser, that file is automatically overwritten. There is also a file called Last Tabs, but replacing Current Tabs with that doesn't seem to work (at least it didn't work for me).

    My proposal would make Opera save opened tabs to history and remove them only in the specific case that the user closes tabs themselves.

  • @qualdan I think it would break history. Opera could have a way to recover opened tabs in case of a crash.
    Or people could simply close tabs instead of accumulate them. 🙂

  • @leocg History has links "Today", "Yesterday", "Older". Just add "Opened tabs" to there and it will be on its own list, which has zero effect on rest of the history (only when user closes a tab will it move to "proper history").

    I agree, Opera COULD have a way to restore tabs in case of crash, but currently that is (evidently) not the case.

    Maybe I have a good reason to have that many tabs open (related to my work). Telling me to close tabs really doesn't help the situation.

    What I originally suggested has no effect on anything that is currently in Opera nor would it break anything. It would only be an extra security measure, without downsides. Maybe you don't care about that kind of security? Well, it would be hidden in History and you'd most likely will never see it. No downsides.

  • @qualdan I don't think that adding opened tabs to history makes sense.

  • @qualdan It has absolutely nothing to do with security.

  • @leocg I don't think it will ever be a problem for anyone if the currently opened tabs are in history. Nobody would go "What?! There is a list of currently opened tabs in History! That doesn't make ANY sense at all! What were they thinking?!" Most likely people would probably just ignore that, if they ever even found out it existed.

    Also, there is "security against threats" (as in encryption and such) and "security of use" (trusting you won't lose progress when using the system). I'm talking about the latter.

    When Opera crashed, I lost a lot of tabs, which were never recorded in History. Opera failed to correctly handle the crash and I had to try and remember what the tabs were. All of this could've been avoided by my suggestion (a list, where I found all tabs that I haven't specifically closed myself).

  • @qualdan If you use Reload All Tabs, they probably will appear in History.

  • @qualdan Currently, History shows the recent closed tabs. I don't it it makes sense too, but at least there is a date and time related to it.

    Let's say that Opera is going to show opened tabs in History. When the browser should do it? It should list all opened tabs? Or just those accessed on that session?

    I still think that Opera should and could have a way to better deal with crashes, so that current session could be recovered when those crashes happen.

  • @leocg said in Current session in history:

    I still think that Opera should and could have a way to better deal with crashes, so that current session could be recovered when those crashes happen.


    It seems that Session Buddy does it.

    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Back up | Reset

  • @leocg I tried that, they didn't show up.

    History usually shows recently closed tabs, but in my case, those tabs weren't anywhere to be found (it's like opening Opera for the first time to a blank tab).

    How it should work: When the user opens a tab, add it to the list. When the user closes a tab, remove it from the list. Simple.

    I really do agree, Opera should have better crash handling, but my method would be foolproof. I seriously don't see any downside of having that kind of a list. If you can see how it would negatively impact Opera, please let me know how.

  • @zalex108 I really shouldn't have to rely on third-party solutions for something like this, but Session Buddy does seem promising.

  • @qualdan


    But currently, despite the suggestions the workarounds are needed.

    At least exists an extension to do it.

  • @qualdan It's somehow already done. If you check the tabs menu, you will see a list of opened tabs. However the list is emptied when Opera closes as it seems.

    Also, when you open a tab/page, it's added to History already, The problem is when people keep tabs opened for a long time.

  • @leocg Tabs menu being purged on restart makes it useless for this purpose.

    If I use some website several times a day every day, I'm obviously going to keep it open for a really long time. So, even if it is logged into History several months ago, it is essentially also useless, since I would need to go through everything in History to find it.

  • Opera is shit :
    i have windows10 pro 64bits up to date and 16go of ram
    i had firefox open with 850 tabs open

    • chrome with 200 open tabs
      then i opened opera
      barely open ,all of my 300 open tabs were deleted at once!!!I lost everything!
      and in the opera folder ,current session and last session have been reset,a big shit opéra
      while this has happened to me several times with firefox in the past,but by going to the firefox folder,he always keeps a save of last session and i have always been able to recover all of my tabs!

    but opéra won't have me anymore ,luckily there is a fabulous extension! : Tabs Backup & Restore

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