Opera 22. Autostart. Strange problem.

  • Hi guys.
    I own a laptop running Windows 7 and I have latest stable version of Opera installed on it.
    Also i have very strange problem: 10+ processes of opera.exe running in background and consuming a lot of memory. Don't now how to attach a picture, so here is a link on the screenshot of the task manager.
    The processes appear right after cold start of the OS(!), in the "User name" column always stated "system" and so they aren't visible until I press "Show Processes From All Users" button.
    I've tried to uninstal Opera completely, wipe out all of remainings such as folders, config files, registry parameters etc and then reinstall Opera again. And I've got the very same background processes.
    The funny thing is that on my desktop i have no problem with Opera.
    I've runned out of ideas and it would be great if someone could help me with that.

  • What version(s) of Opera? The latest versions include a background updater, which is run at startup as a system process, but obviously 10 is excessive. Also, on my system the updater processes close themselves after a while.

  • 22.0.1471.70

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