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Opera Latest Version Memory Leak.

  • @saintgrimm said in Opera Latest Version Memory Leak.:

    The leak is slower without discord though. In 10 hours, my ram usage only went up 30%, compared to 60% in 8 hours before. Why does a specific version of windows cause problems between Opera and discord? And why did taking out discord make the leak only half as bad, but still existent? ...

    Frankly, I don't know the 'why' of it. I do know that within the last few days, at least one other user of a different, non-Opera chromium browser plus the Discord program suddenly experienced runaway memory leakage that led to crashes, and that disabling Discord stopped the leakage. Their problem began immediately after updating their Windows 10 to the 1909 build, hence my question to you because it seemed strangely coincidental with your problem. I was trying to isolate Discord and 1909 as possible contributors to your issue. It may well be that profile corruption of some kind may have been your actual problem cause.

  • @blackbird71 I have discord open now with a new profile and it's been open many hours and doesn't seem to be going up. Maybe the other persons browser could be fixed similarly? Since it wasn't going up as fast without discord, maybe something about discord amplifies the leak?

    Could have just been a coincidence as well. I left opera open over night, so it didn't have as much use without discord as it did with. No facebook messaging or youtube playing, so perhaps that's the true reason it didn't go up as fast and discord had nothing to do with my issue?

  • been having this issue for the last 2-4 updates
    after running for less then 10 min (65.0.3467.78)

  • ok i did some testing then googled discord memory leak and yep its discord

  • @saintgrimm

    I don't know what could be the cause.

    Note: If it's related to Discord, none of this suggestions would work.

    If you want to figure it out, you can try Cleaning on the old Profile:

    (From Opera - Opera://settings/clearBrowserData)

    • Cache
    • Cookies
    • History
    • [*]

    (From Explorer - Profile)

    • Service Worker\CacheStorage
    • Service Worker\ScriptCache
    • Code Cache\js

    Some of them may get cleaned after clean Cache .

    [*] If still, (Advanced) mark also::

    • Site Settings
    • Hosted App data
  • I have been using opera for years and this is the first time this happened,right now its using 8gb with 15 tabs and every tab is using around 500mb,i can restart it and it starts normal and keeps slowly going up until it reaches 14gb!!i closed all suspect tabs and nothing happened,even with just youtube it happens,i disabled all extensions.

  • @teenideek Do you use Discord?

  • @leocg yea but i didnt open it today at all,iu think the last time was 4 days ago.It doesnt open on startup.

  • Hi guys and gals,

    Um... what is Discord??? I have been having the same issues as the OP! I took some screenshots, both with and without 'Use Hardware Acceleration' See attachments! Screenshot (2).png Screenshot (4).png As can be seen, the GPU Process uses a lot of RAM, and despite what I have read about multiple processes stopping browsers from crashing/freezing, that is NOT the case for me, Opera crashes/freezes many times a day, nearly everytime I go to either Caesars via Facebook or the Playtika site (pictured in screenshots)! This has only happened since I bought HP HP Pavilion Desktop 590-p0xxx, 3.50 gigahertz AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics, Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1809 (build 17763.914), Opera Browser Version:65.0.3467.78. Any real help with fixing this drastic memory leak will be greatly appreciated 🙂 P.S. I am a long user of Opera browser and never had it crashing/freezing before!

  • @chris1970au said in Opera Latest Version Memory Leak.:

    Hi guys and gals,

    Um... what is Discord???

    Discord is a voice(VOIP)/text/video chatting program that can exist as a downloaded program for computers as well as existing as a web-based and mobile app. It has been known to sometimes be involved with memory leak problems when co-installed with chromium browsers. Normally, unless you intentionally installed it, it shouldn't be present on your system.

  • @blackbird71
    Thank you Blackbird71, I just did a search of my PC for Discord, nothing found, so it is not the cause of my Opera crashing/freezing issue! I wonder what IS the problem???

  • @chris1970au said in Opera Latest Version Memory Leak.:

    ... I just did a search of my PC for Discord, nothing found, so it is not the cause of my Opera crashing/freezing issue! I wonder what IS the problem???

    I'm not sure. But for comparison, on my system when using either Opera or chromium-based Vivaldi at that website, the GPU process consumes only between 350,000 and 400,000 KB memory. This system has graphics acceleration enabled, but has an Intel internal graphics processor chip.

  • @blackbird71
    The Radeon Vega 8 2GB Graphics is integrated. I had a 1GB nVidia pci in my old pc, and it was doing it's job! I'm no gamer, so I don't need heaps of gpu ram or whatever it's called, lol.
    All I want is for Opera to not crash/freeze all the time, ie, work like it used to!

  • @chris1970au

    Hi All, it seems that I may have fixed the memory leak issue! And it was so simple, all I did was block Flash for all sites! I did this earlier today and so far so good, and with 'Hardware Acceleration' ON! Yippee 🙂
    I will let you all know if/when it starts crashing/freezing again. And no, I haven't checked either Task Managers, yet! Bye and thanks 🙂

  • @chris1970au

    I spoke too soon, had to turn Hardware Acceleration OFF, as my Opera browser froze last night! 😞

  • Iv noticed im getting this issue as well (Latest update as always), i was browsing through deviantart then opera gave an error saying its out of memory, if i remove all extensions it makes little to no difference, in windows taskmanager its using a crazy amount of ram

    I dont use discord so its not that, something is definitely wrong with opera as of late
    Was only 2 days ago i did a clean os install as its now on a m.2 nvme drive

  • @john30011887 Is/was your Opera installation set to have its graphics hardware acceleration turned on (and enabled within your system)? Deviantart is a graphics-rich environment and there may be some kind of relationship per the @chris1970au post right above yours. Note: this is a troubleshooting question, not necessarily a forever "fix".

  • Yeah i always make sure iv got that setting on (which it is atm)

    I notice theres more processes in taskmanager too used to be under 10 but now its around 17
    I haven't even added anymore extensions than what i always have which is 4
    My specs if needed (rtx2080, 16gb ram, 8700k) latest windows 10 pro, latest drivers as always

    I never had this with older versions but i dont know when this issue started but i know it is recent

  • @john30011887 ya might check burnout post

    burnout426 11 days ago
    Opera's battery saver feature is known to cause low memory/out of memory issues. Make sure it's turned off.

    peeps with lottsa of tabs open (not say 'n you john) could try this new flag called - Calculate window occlusion on Windows - enable it..