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Opera Latest Version Memory Leak.

  • Is your Windows version 1909? If so, try closing your Discord program and see if the Opera memory problem reappears.

  • @blackbird71 @leocg Testing without discord. But it takes a good 6-8 hours to get up to 80% memory after I reopen Opera, I'll leave it open to tonight and know in the morning. If its back to 80% will look at details and see what I can find.

    Seems to slowly go up and my total memory slowly goes down. I'll check in an hour or 2 and see if my total is under 15.9.

  • Over night without discord, my total memory didn't go down, but Opera's memory usage still built over-night. I'm not sure how to check which Opera task is causing the most memory. They're ALL just called Opera Internet Browser. Except for Opera Crash-Reporter, and it's only using 1mb.

    The leak is slower without discord though. In 10 hours, my ram usage only went up 30%, compared to 60% in 8 hours before. Why does a specific version of windows cause problems between Opera and discord? And why did taking out discord make the leak only half as bad, but still existent?

    It's also still using more memory than it's claiming. When I checked on it and it was at 55% usage, task manager said Opera was using 1900mb of ram. My total ram was correct, 7 in use, 8.9 available. When I closed out of opera, it dropped to 21% ram usage. 1900mb is NOT 34% of 15.9gb, so it was obviously using more than 1900mb. Also note, 7 in use, 8.9 available is NOT 55% usage... But that's what task manager was telling me 😕

    I've been trying to figure out ways to keep Opera... If I turn the option on for it to bring pages back up when I reopen it, I guess I could just close out of Opera every few hours to avoid memory usage getting high. I'm not sure if it'd be wise to keep using if it causes a leak though.

    EDIT: here's a pic now. It hasn't really gotten a chance to start building yet, in fact it only says it's using 266mb, compared to the 1900 it claimed to be using when I closed it. Didn't think of taking a screen b4 closing.

    ![0_1576789584843_browser.PNG](Uploading 100%)

    EDIT2: Can't upload the screenshot. Get a message "Error Something went wrong while parsing server response" when I add the photo to this post.......... Basically, it's the main then expanded (Opera Internet Browser (12)). It has 11 Opera Internet Browser's inside of it and 1 Opera Crash-Reporter. They all use varying amounts of memory, but I can't differentiate them from one another in any way.

  • @saintgrimm Like I said, Opera's task manager will show you all opened processes with RAM usage info, among others.
    Menu > Developer > Task Manager or Shift + Esc

  • @leocg Like you said? All you said is to check Opera task manager.... Never mentioned anything about this menu or developer mode. We never learned about a menu OR a developer mode for task manager in any of my IT classes, so I'm pretty confused as to what you're even talking about.

    I can't tell one "Opera Internet Browser" from the next, so even if one of them was using a huge amount of memory, I wouldn't be able to pinpoint what was actually using it other than Opera in general..

  • Just hit shift + esc in Opera to load its task manager and maximize the window.

  • @burnout426 Thank you, didn't realize Opera had it's own task manager. Kind of a weird concept to me, but guess it's pretty helpful when you actually know about it lol

    As of right now, the biggest user is GPU process, but it's only using 206,272kb. Guess I'll leave it open through today and report back after letting it build again.

  • @saintgrimm Yes, I said you to look at Opera's Task Manager, what clearly means a task manager that belongs to Opera, so a task manager inside Opera.

  • @saintgrimm in Windows task manager, enable the PID field so you can check there which Opera process is taking so much RAM and compare to the process ID in Opera's task manager.

  • @leocg And I had no idea anything like that existed.... You could try being helpful instead of acting so high and mighty, you know... Might make people enjoy interacting with you more. So far, the others posting here have been far more helpful and they don't seem to have such a big head about it either.

    Kinda to the point that I'd prefer no help at all than to read your condescending messages.

  • @saintgrimm You could have asked how to go to Opera's task manager if you didn't know.

  • @leocg Here we go again....

    I Did Not Know There Was Any Such Thing

    so naturally... I thought you must be talking about the only task manager I'm aware of....

  • @saintgrimm That's why I wrote Opera's.

  • @leocg Look dude, I don't want your help. You're being condescending and I'm not dealing with it. I won't be reading or replying to your comments any further.

    If anyone else on this forum would like to help and doesn't try to put people down over English not being their native tongue, and not berating people about not understanding the way you meant something, I welcome you to post!

  • Hi,

    The best you can do is to start a Clean Profile and check.
    Just Rename the current Profile folder.

    If it works,
    Then something is wrong: Cache, Extensions, or something else.

    If still happens,
    Then maybe it's a bug, try an older version and check.


    You can transport your current data to the new Profile and continue working, try to fix the current one or do both things to keep running and to find the cause.

    That way, you will learn about Important Profile files and what to do when facing issues.


    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link to find out the needed info.

    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Back up | Reset

  • @saintgrimm Just for information, English is not my native language too.

    Back to the business: In Windows task manager you can click on the memory column to make the aps with more memory usage to be on the top of the list.
    Being Opera the one to blame, you can use my suggestion to compare the processes ID in both task managers so you can identify which one is causing the leak.

  • @zalex108 It's been almost 3 hours since I started the new profile, and Opera has not built up any extra memory usage. So it seems to have worked, could you possibly explain this to me? I still had default settings on the old profile, except dark theme + VPN turned on. Those settings are turned on now too. But I've been hovering 25-30% ram usage for close to 3 hours straight. Maybe it will still build higher, but I think it might be fixed. I just don't understand what could be different though? I'll leave it open over night again just to be sure.

  • @saintgrimm said in Opera Latest Version Memory Leak.:

    The leak is slower without discord though. In 10 hours, my ram usage only went up 30%, compared to 60% in 8 hours before. Why does a specific version of windows cause problems between Opera and discord? And why did taking out discord make the leak only half as bad, but still existent? ...

    Frankly, I don't know the 'why' of it. I do know that within the last few days, at least one other user of a different, non-Opera chromium browser plus the Discord program suddenly experienced runaway memory leakage that led to crashes, and that disabling Discord stopped the leakage. Their problem began immediately after updating their Windows 10 to the 1909 build, hence my question to you because it seemed strangely coincidental with your problem. I was trying to isolate Discord and 1909 as possible contributors to your issue. It may well be that profile corruption of some kind may have been your actual problem cause.

  • @blackbird71 I have discord open now with a new profile and it's been open many hours and doesn't seem to be going up. Maybe the other persons browser could be fixed similarly? Since it wasn't going up as fast without discord, maybe something about discord amplifies the leak?

    Could have just been a coincidence as well. I left opera open over night, so it didn't have as much use without discord as it did with. No facebook messaging or youtube playing, so perhaps that's the true reason it didn't go up as fast and discord had nothing to do with my issue?

  • been having this issue for the last 2-4 updates
    after running for less then 10 min (65.0.3467.78)