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  • I loved the normal opera browser, but for over 1 week straight now I continued getting a memory leak from Opera. Opera would use 8gb or more just having 1 tab open. With normal Opera open, I have 86% ram usage. With normal Opera closed, I have 30% or less ram usage. I tried re-installing the browser, but the issue returned.

    So I got Opera GX so I could limit that memory to 2gb.

    The normal Opera's "Dark Theme" actually made the background black. My PC, from the case, to the mobo, to the wallpaper, to the browsers are all black and red. With Opera GX I couldn't find an option for a "dark theme" and while the normal theme can have the accent colors changed to red, the background is quite obviously navy blue and clashes with everything I spent so much time making match.

    In this screenshot you can see the dark black wallpaper, the faded black normal Opera window and the navy blue Opera GX.... I love Opera, it has features I feel like I can't live without.... But if my only choices are navy blue or 8gb+ memory usage from a net browser...... Well, I guess I'll just have to learn to do without 😕

    Note: As seen in the screenshot, the colors clash with any site that also has a dark theme, such as youtube.


  • @saintgrimm You can't, GX only has a dark theme.

  • @leocg Except it doesn't have a dark theme.... Dark themes on every website in the world that has one, on every app, even just in windows explorer, dark theme is shades of black and grey. Even facebook, whose brand colors are blue and white, offer a black dark theme. GX claiming it has a dark theme would be the 1 and only exception I've ever seen.... And because it's an exception, the colors clash with EVERYTHING else...

    Sad day... Maybe I'll try the normal browser again one day (since it DOES have dark theme) and see if it's still eating up more memory than Red Dead 2 😕

  • @saintgrimm It does have a dark theme. Dark and black as well as light and white are not synonymous.

    Now, if it doesn't have a dark theme in the way you like, that's another issue.

  • @leocg Go to google images, type in "Dark Theme" and reply here how many you see that aren't shades of black/grey. It's dark colors, but it doesn't meet the standard of what everything else in the world uses for a "Dark Theme". Out of the first 100 results, I counted 3 that weren't black/grey. black/grey is the standard .

    Like I said, claiming it's a dark theme is an exception. GX + 3 other programs are exceptions instead of stabdards. And they clash with everything else in the world that uses dark themes. White would actually match the colors of websites' Dark Themes better than GX's Dark Theme.

    Go to youtube with a normal "light theme" browser with youtube's dark theme turned on. It will look fine. Now, go do the same with GX. Surely you'll see what I mean. As I said, I like Opera, so if GX comes out with a light theme that doesn't completely clash with every website I use, I'd use it. I spent literally days customizing my PC, I made my own rocketdock, my own wallpapers, I made everything myself, even the icons on the dock! So it's disappointing that my favorite browser either uses too much ram or doesn't match the stuff I worked so hard on.

    If we go around calling anything with dark colors "dark themed", the standard goes out the window. Would we still be calling Goth Kids Goths if they wore navy blue instead of black? Can't we just accept that GX does not meet the standard for dark theme instead of arguing about it? I mean you just claiming over n over that it's a dark theme will never convince me that it follows the standard, it simply does not. That's a fact. And that makes me sad because Opera is 10x better than any other browser I've ever used. But to keep using it, I have to choose between clashing colors or an internet browser that somehow uses more RAM than a high graphics 2019 PC game. That's highly disappointing to me.

    If they got it right on the original browser, it shouldn't be too hard to get it right on their GX version. I've never coded a broswer, but I've coded a GUI for an app and it's not at all difficult to change that GUI's color, a browser is nothing more than a GUI for browsing the net, so it's not like I'm asking for the world when I'm asking for a dark theme that follows the standard.

    I wonder..... Is it possible to change a browser's GUI or is all that done over the server? If I could edit it myself, no problem, I'll make my own visuals for GX. But, I don't know enough about browsers to know if the data is even stored on my PC or not.

  • @saintgrimm Just because other people like to use black and grey as a dark theme doesn't mean that other (dark) colors aren't also a dark theme.

    Opera's private window is an example.

    Now, like I said before, if GX doesn't have a dark theme in the way you see how a dark theme should look, that's another issue.