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Opera opens 429 tabs instead of 5 on startup - then freezes

  • I am using Opera 65 on OS Sierra. I want 5 certain sites to open (pinned) every time I open Opera. The regular Opera settings for this were not working consistently so I switched to an extension (forgot the name) which seemed to work for a while, then it started duplicating itself like Tribbles. At first it would open maybe 20-30 tabs which I had to close manually (because Close Tabs to the Right never worked). Now whenever I open Opera, it tries to open 429 tabs and all I can do is Force Quit. I tried manually removing this extension from the Library, and then deleted Opera (and preferences) and did a clean install but the 429 tabs are still here. Please advise. I have been using Opera as my default browser for a couple of years but at the moment I cannot use it AT ALL. Thank you.

  • @bonnie777 From where those tabs are coming from? Did you check Opera settings to see if they aren't set to be opened on Opera startup?

    If you don't know what those tabs are, you should check your system for malware.

  • Sorry, these are simply my original 5 tabs opening over and over and over. I deleted the extension that is supposed to open only the pins you want, and I have set Opera to just open one tab. I even uninstalled Opera and reinstalled a clean version - and yet I still have hundreds of tabs whenever I launch.

  • And it's difficult to change any settings because the app just freezes and I have to force quit (assuming I can even get past the beach ball). That's why I had to go to Library to remove the (possibly) bad extension.

  • @bonnie777 Did you test with a clean profile?

  • @leocg I'm sorry, I'm not sure what that means. I tested in safe mode - same issue.

  • @bonnie777 Never mind, I looked it up. I moved the entire folder to my desktop and I now have a clean version of opera running. Thank you! But now... can I restore some of the missing features? Bookmarks, etc?

    Thank you again@

  • @bonnie777 Maybe, if you still have the old folder. Or if sync was enabled.