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Websites no longer recognize when my AdBlock Plus is turned off, as they request to access their sites

  • Hey guys, I'm running Opera Version:65.0.3467.48 on my Win 7 64-bit desktop... The past few months it seems that when I visit a website that requires me to turn my AdBlock software off in order to access their site, I turn it off and/or whitelist the sites, and Opera still doesn't flag that AdBlock is turned off to the sites, acting like it's still on (and hence, I can't access their sites). It seems at first like it might be the Adblock Plus software for Opera, but it (Opera together with Adblock Plus) used to work fine a few months ago and now doesn't, and on several other browsers like Chrome and Firefox also loaded with Adblock Plus, they work fine. This was only a fairly recent annoyance that I'm guessing was due to an Opera update. Anyone else have this problem? It's a major pain to have to switch to a different browser for specific websites, it's gotten to be so annoying I might just have to switch back to Firefox. Thanks!

  • @rattyrat Is Opera adblocker disabled? Any difference if you enable opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility?