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  • I'll preface this by reminding you all that I have Dial Up.

    Now ... I'm curious about that setting that we can set to send to Opera info regarding what Opera features we use. How intrusive is it? By that, I mean, is it something that will be sending info everyday? Or how often does it do it? And when it does send info, is it just some quick, small file? Or are we talking Mega Bytes?

    I won't mind turning it on if it's just something that I won't even be able tell when it does its thing ... something that won't make my Dial Up drag along like an elephant in quicksand for extended periods of time every other day or so.

  • You remember the uproar when 15 had no bookmarks? That was based on feature usage data from Presto: they found that the people who submitted feature usage data in Presto didn't use bookmarks. Everyone else was apparently too paranoid to agree to send feature usage data.

    When they say "feature usage" that's what the mean. Do you use Stash and how often (daily, weekly, etc.), do you use Discover, do you use extensions, search from the address bar, ...? Nothing about websites you visit - that's not a feature.

  • Oh, I know exactly what it is and what it's for and it definitely did enter my mind that back when the Bookmarks were eliminated from Opera under the claim that hardly anyone used them ... THIS had to be why --- because those who did use them, didn't allow the feature usage info to be sent.

    So this is exactly why I am wanting to do this, to activate this feature usage sending function. However, I am wanting to ascertain that it is not going to be an albatross, an anvil for the functioning of my Dial Up. I would think that whatever info is sent regarding our features usage should be a quick small file. But, you never know. That's why I want some confirmation on what kind of typical file size and frequency of info sending we're talking about here.

  • I don't use dial-up. but from what I can tell it seems to be very minimal.

  • I went ahead and enabled it just now. I'll see how it goes.

  • This is the "ssdfp..." file in the profile folder right? It's minimal, 1 KB, if you can open it in a text editor to check what's being sent if you want.

  • There are 14 ssdfp files in my Opera Stable folder. They ARE all 1KB though.
    I opened up 3 of them with NotePad and not much of anything was in there. I don't know. I guess NotePad is not the right App with which to open them.

    Either way, IF those ssdfp files ARE the files that transmit the Feature Usage data, then they're tolerable. They're not big files at all.

    Thanks, Rafael.