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[Solved]Set personal search engine as default

  • Hello

    Set personal search engine as default

    Opera v65.0.3467.48, offers 6 preset search engines, of which is the default engine

    Opera v65.0.3467.48, seems to allow the use of other search engines, in fact there is a specific item: "Other search engines" and - to that item - it is possible to set other search engines.

    However, the search engine I selected - which is always google, but with a domain other than "" because I chose to locate google in my country is not available.
    I mean, I can't make default - eg. -
    Even after restart.

    Is it a bug, an oversight, or a precise choice of Opera?


  • @Stratoblu Only pre-defined search engines can be set as default one.

  • @leocg good evening and thanks for the reply.

    So, what is the purpose of the "Other search engines" feature if these cannot be used?

  • @Stratoblu said in Set personal search engine as default:

    So, what is the purpose of the "Other search engines" feature if these cannot be used?

    It allows you to set up other search engines (not on the original list) with keyword letters that can be used in the address box as prefixes to force their use in searching. Restricting default search engines to a preset list reduces the chances of malware/adware hijacking the browser default search function (to prevent searching for a hijacking remedy) and as a means of obtaining revenue from renting favored placement of the listed engines.

  • @blackbird71
    Thank you and good evening . . .
    All clear and unexceptionable.

    However the user may wish to change - among the proposed search engines (ahem... imposed) - only the domain from to or .fr, or .it only to have a better territorial response in the query results.

    Always using google, the risks to the user of incurring malware/adware hijacking, would remain the same, indeed, it would certainly be minor to that in which the user could incur, installing for eg. an extension not previously checked by google. As sometimes happens. . .

    The gain of Opera for the use of the search engine would remain unchanged, I think, because the user will always use google, but the user would have a service more targeted to his needs.

    I hope I was clear.

    Greetings . . .