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  • I tried to find this button but in the settings there is no choice like that.I wanna add homepage button next to the refresh.Can someone would help me?🙁 🖐🏻

  • @thfatih You can go to forums homepage by clicking in the red opera icon in the top right of the page, the one that has Opera Forums next to it.

  • Topic is old but wasn't properly resolved...I guess the responder didn't understand the question.... We can set up personal home pages that open on login to Opera, but there is no icon to return to them quickly when browsing. What's up with that???

  • @speedy-charly You can set up a page or a group of pages to be opened automatically when Opera starts but you can't set up a home page because Opera, like many other modern browsers, doesn't have the concept of a home page like old browsers or old versions had back in the 1990s, 2000s.

  • @leocg Ok, so now we have positive proof that forward movement isn't always desirable progress...

    I fail to see the reasoning behind a move like that...

  • @speedy-charly People changed, the world changed, the web changed.

  • Not the king of response ! would have expected on a so-called tech forum - many words, no content... Have you considered politics??

    A home-page button is a desirable and useful feature, that takes about 20 lines of code max. to set up. And Opera is the only browser of the 6 that I use that doesn't have one - so there must be a valid tech reason for the developer's choice in this...

  • @speedy-charly Do you have any reasonable reason for why that many people would need to have a home page in 2020?

    I guess that 8, 9 out of 10 probably don't care about having one.

    And last time I've checked, Chrome didn't have one.

  • @leocg ![alt text](Image2.png image url)

    I am an active WEB developer and I check my work regularly on 6 or 7 different browsers to ensure cross-platform compatibility. Of all the ones I currently have on board, Opera is the only one without a home page button and I could list dozens of reasons for having one - which I won't list here because your level of comprehension and dis-ingenuity makes the exercise futile...

  • @speedy-charly Translating: You don't have any reasonable reason for the existence of a home page button or even for the existence of home page in a browser.

  • @leocg Why am I even talking to you????.... In the land of Oz, you'd be the scarecrow...

  • @speedy-charly I completely agree with you, and I don't get why this is the big fight Opera chooses to fight. It's petty and dumb. If there was a Home button this would be my "every-Day" browser. Stupid.

  • This post is deleted!
  • As a web designer for nearly 20yrs and marketeer, I use Opera (legacy) to check page rendering as I do with a number of other browsers. I also use it when I have to simultaneously login to various web tools under different accounts. From my perspective over the years, Opera has fought for a small share of a fiercely competitive market. Its hook/angle has been, and rightly so, to offer something different, to be different from the big boys and provide to a niche market, hopefully, with an alternative, attractive browsing experience. However, there is a fine line between being innovative and shooting oneself in the foot by being too predictive & radical thereby offending users and resulting in a 'jump ship' scenario. Firefox has weathered this better than Opera over the years which is reflected in the market disparity between them with 2nd place Firefox achieving 8.2% to Opera's (8th) 1.3% globally.

    Regarding the home button issue, I strongly believe the vast majority want one and want one that is easily configurable. This, understandably, changes slightly with age groups as there tends to be increasing pre-teen, teenagers, early 20s that are less bothered by 'changes to the norm'. Since the vast population majority of developed countries is in the 30 to 45 age group, this is where general browsers are targeting. All the main browsers offer a traditional home page with icon button which, at present, does not seem likely to change any time soon. Unless there is a significant change to end user preferences, such as with mobile browsing where Opera has managed to out perform Firefox, Opera may find its niche user numbers dwindling further.

  • @webspecific Thank you for an excellent analysis of the situation. Why is it that we can't have forum moderators of your caliber??

    Oh! That's right, the good ones are busy working real jobs...