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How to keep settings through machine change

  • Hello,

    I will got a new machine soon.
    I have a sync account, so I know I will get my bookmarks, speed dials, passwords and even my recent history&tabs easily.

    1. I saw that some settings are also synced, but we don't know which ones. Is there a reference somewhere ? Can I use Preferences and prefs_override.json to get all my custom settings (theme, ad blocker, ...) ?

    2. I already know that Custom search Engines are not synced. Can I copy Web Data file from old profileDir to work it around ?

    3. I guess custom keyboard shortcuts are not synced. Can I copy Shortcuts file from old profileDir to work it around ?

    Thanks for any help provided.

  • Hi,

    Confirm Passwords Sync.
    Those files (1,2,3) should work.
    Extensions are not Sync'd.

    You can copy the whole Profile to the new Computer all would work except for Passwords.

    Few days ago, a user reported that copy the Profile folder didn't work for Extensions.

    Time ago, that happened on StandAlone version, but all Extensions settings remained, just needed to be installed and everything worked fine.

    You can export settings individually, install V7 Extensions to export the AddOns list and then install them on the new computer.
    If Settings kept, perfect, if not, you'll need to import them.

    Look at Signature for more info.

    "Off topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's BackUp | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan, even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up | Reset

  • Sync sometimes wipes out passwords. As a backup, goto the URL opera://settings/passwords and click the kebab menu (3 vertical dots) to the right of "Save passwords" and export them. Then, if Sync messes things up on you on the new computer and wipes out your passwords on the installation and, you can import the password file from the same menu if you start Opera with this command-line switch.

    Sync can also mess with your bookmarks. So, export them on the opera://bookmarks page as a backup. And, back up the "Bookmarks" and "Bookmarks Extra" files in the profile folder.

    Also, Sync can mess up your opened tabs. Sor, right-click on a tab and choose "save open tabs to speed dial folder". Do that before you back up your bookmarks. Then, if needed, you can right-click that speed dial folder in Opera and choose "open all in tabs" to get your opened tabs back.

    I saw that some settings are also synced, but we don't know which ones. Is there a reference somewhere ?

    I don't know which ones and don't know if there's a reference somewhere.

  • Thanks for the answers.

    I get few extensions, so I just dropped in their names.
    And I have a sync profile. Will backup passwords by security, never add bookmarks issues (it's more like moving my speed dials from the old ref to the new one).