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Uneven video playback, causes issues on different websites.

  • I noticed something a bit weird with Opera regarding video files compared to other main internet browsers.

    I'm using a service which is basically a place for reviewing animations: you post your video, and you can share a link where anyone can playback frame by frame and draw on the video.
    This works well on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, but not Opera.

    On Opera, when I play through the different frames, some are duplicated, some are dropped.
    I did a test specifically here:
    Frame 1 is duplicated, frames 15 and 17 and 22 are missing, and even 23 but the service thinks there is only 22 frames in total.
    I thought it was an issue from the service, but after further investigations and comparisons with other browsers, turns out it occurs only with Opera and the service's devs don't know what could be the cause besides Opera maybe being off some standards...

    A simple test I did:
    If I take the original file from my disk and drag it in a new Opera tab, I can play through and see when the frames are on the timeline. I drew a dash where the frame was updated, in theory, I should have evenly spaced dashes. And that is what I got:


    And now if I do the same with the file after upload on the service:


    As you can see, the gaps are uneven in both files and especially after being uploaded. Though the original video file is a simple homemade 24fps video with a constant frame rate with nothing else fancy.

    So, even if the upload obviously makes it worse, Opera is still the only one struggling playing it so I guess Opera have something to do with this, but what? Is there some software limitation (if so, can this be fixed)? A setting to change?
    I've seen several times some threads here and there talking about similar issues on streamings like youtube or twitch and tried to play with some opera flags but so far it didn't make any change.

  • Hi there! Some users on our platform are running into this issue using opera. We are wondering if this has been investigated or filed as an issue?

  • @bhx Better fill a bug report