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  • Opera has been having video playback issues since at least 2016 from what I can see. Pretty shabby.

  • @utopiaopera Can't confirm, videos have been playing fine for me.

  • @leocg On what GPU and CPU? They've been playing fine for you... ... you acknowledge there are issues with HW Acceleration across all Chromium browsers for thousands upon thousands of users?

  • @utopiaopera Intel HD4600 and an I5 4th generation CPU.

  • What do you mean by playback issues? Performance or videos not playing or both?

    Some users have recently experienced some regressions in performance. But, that's only been recently with the last few 64 (and now 65) builds.

  • @leocg That's most likely why you aren't seeing issues. Most people without Intel APUs, do.

  • @burnout426 Lots of skipped / dropped frames on Twitch videos (not live, Twitch live streams are fine). Sometimes if playing two videos at once, they stutter, playing at 4k also results in dropped frames and stutter like it's struggling.

    Keep in mind this is with a 6 core 12 thread 4Ghz R5 2600, 16GBs of DDR 4 at 3000Mzh and a 6GB GTX 1060 with a 100Mb download cable internet line... so doing these things should be an absolute breeze... which they are on Edge.

    Probably unfair of me to just pin this just on Opera, as it seems Brave (Chromium based, but, uses a much newer ver.71 of Chromium) does the exact same thing. I'm reluctant to test it out on Firefox as I do not like Mozilla as a company currently.

    I'm trying to think if I had the same issues when I had an Intel i5 4670K, and, do you know what, it was probably moving to AMD when all this started... can't prove that, but it seems Intel users have the least issues looking on the net.

  • Try this. When playing a video that's giving you problems, hover over the audio animation icon in the tab so that it no longer animates to see if that improves things. (Not a solution, but a test.)

    Also, if the snapshot icon in the address field is blinking blue, hover over it and choose "no thanks" to stop it from blinking.

  • Here are screens of Opera Vs Firefox in Twitch and YT (4K), with and without HWA enabled. You can clearly see that Opera (all chromium based browsers, probably) have massive issues decoding video compared to other browsers.

    Things I noticed: 4K YT hwa enabled in Opera seemed to drop fewer frames after a restart. At some point in having Opera open, dropped frames will increase dramatically - but Opera still drops frames on a fresh open.

    Twitch playback in HWA enabled in Firefox dropped 20 frames in the first 10-15 seconds, and then stopped dropping frames (when the video buffered to memory probably)

    Whenever HWA was disabled, Opera constantly used ~double the CPU of Firefox, whilst STILL dropping frames.

    Opera constantly drops frames in all test cases, whereas Firefox drops basically none (except see Twitch test above).









  • @burnout426 Did noting. See my tests post above.

  • Just updated to ver. 65 and, and now all videos stutter LOL. And yes, hovering mouse over the eq animation on the tab stops the stuttering.

    Man, Opera are making it really difficult to stick using them.

  • @utopiaopera Any difference if you change opera://flags/#use-angle?

  • @leocg Thanks. This somewhere helped!

    OpenGL - made the browser lockup when playing a video.
    D3D11 - not no affect and just had the same issues as usual.
    D3D9 - this had the best affect, but not without issue, and it's a very strange issue. Above 1080p (2K and 4K) There may have been dropped frames at the start, but then things settle and it runs fine, same with anything below 1080p, but 1080p it's just constantly dropping frames again, but no stutter. Strange that 4x 1080p is fine, but a 1/4 of that and it's struggling.

  • A few notes about testing:

    Opera and Vivaldi use Windows Media Foundation decoders for h.264 and AAC while Chrome uses ffmpeg. Comparing with Chrome can often tell you if the issue is because Opera doesn't ffmpeg. Comparing with Vivaldi can often tell if you it's just Opera having issues with the platform decoders. But, keep in mind what Chromium version each is using as Chromium updates can often change performance. Also, for plain Chromium, you can goto to get builds to test with. You can get a vanilla Chromium build from the Chromium authors. Or, you can get an allcodecs + widevine builds that uses ffmpeg for everything like Chrome does.

    Firefox also uses the Windows Media Foundation for some decoding. But, its implementation is different of course as it's not a Chromium-based browser.

    In Opera, chrome://flags/#ffmpeg-demuxer-everywhere and chrome://flags/#ffmpeg-demuxer-in-platform-audio-file-reader might have some affect on performance. You can disable them and see. And, as mentioned, you have chrome://flags/#use-angle and chrome://flags/#d3d11-video-decoder.

    Also, you can check opera://gpu and opera://media-internals to see what's accelerated and what type of codecs you're dealing with.

    Anyway though, people are reporting performance regressions, so something is definitely up.

  • @burnout426 Hey man, thanks for that, very interesting. As it happens, the stuttering has randomly stopped (but frames still drop like leaves in an autumn storm). The move to Firefox has been going OK... just that I will miss some of the Opera features like PIP, double press tab to scroll, alt+space to search modal etc...