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crhopera opens virtual keyboard automatically on touchscreen machine running window$ 8.1

  • Hello

    Topic title says by itself. Why this annoying behavior?
    I have no problem on Firefox or IE.

  • If you're going to use a disparaging terms for Opera, at least learn how to spell it correctly. Pathetic is what says it all. And by the way - I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1 Touch screen and Opera does NOT open a virtual keyboard and yes... I'm running Windows (not Window$) 8.1. Must be something wrong with your particular set-up. BTW... since you obviously hate Microsoft so much as well as Opera, why do you continue to use both? LOL

  • if you have no solution for the reported situation why did you reply my post? LOL

    Any idea people?

  • Let's get a few other facts ... I presume you must have a laptop with a real keyboard (and presumably a trackpad/touchpad as well)? Second, I presume you must be focusing a text area or the address field (you don't specify which), probably by touching it as I can't imagine using the touchpad or an external pointing device would have that effect? More details would help people like @leushino - and Opera developers - to attempt to duplicate the issue. Possibly even a brand and model on the laptop, in case it is specific to that setup. (I don't have a touchscreen myself and can't possibly try to duplicate the issue and so won't be posting further in this topic except to keep order.)

  • thank you sgunhouse.
    Yes, I focus a text area and the address field area by touching it.
    I use a lenovo notebook model g400s touch.

  • After some experimentation I can confirm that the virtual keyboard "is" brought up when one touches the screen in a Reply and is in Opera. I've tried the same in FF and IE11 and neither produced those results. Granted, I'm also on a Lenovo Thinkpad as I mentioned in my first post so I'm uncertain as to whether this is unique to Lenovo/Opera or not. I'm running Windows 8.1 on 64 bit.

  • thank you leushino.
    I hope some way to disable this annoying virtual keyboard.
    I always prefer use the real keyboard.

  • It would seem to me pointless to show the on-screen keyboard when a physical keyboard is present. If someone were running Opera on a Surface or other x86 tablet and didn't have a keyboard - sure, I could see using the screen keyboard then. But sounds like they may not be checking for a physical keyboard when touch is used to focus the text area.

    For now, you may want to go to and file an official bug report ... developers don't always read the forums.