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Opera Mini 8.0.5 for iOS [update]

  • Ahhhh, yes, thank you sidneyneto. I wasn't looking for it there. Hmmmm. This browser is sort of a combination Opera Mini and Opera for Android. It adds the Speed Dial with folders and the Discover feature (I like that you can get them in the Ipad). Kind of interesting. Opera for Android didn't give you your ability to have your own bookmark folders in one of the position of the Speed Dial (unless I somehow deleted that by mistake), so this has more umph to it 🙂 The thing to keep in mind, is let's say you use Coast for Ipad. If the wifi is shaky, this browser might be a better bet. Put it in Mini or Turbo mode, and you might get more out of the web with it.

    Pretty interesting! I'll have to play around with this a bit. 🙂

    Now here's a bug, I think. When you're on a website and want to add it to the Speed Dial, the 8 squares to the right of the Address Bar isn't working (at least for me). However, I can still get the site to the Speed Dial, but only by clicking on the Opera logo all the way to the top right, and choosing "Add to Speed Dial."

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  • I want this on Android version ♥.

  • This new UI and features for iOS is beyond awesome, I love it very much!

    Do you guys have any plan to implement this improvement on other platform? You can just say "yes" or "no", no need to explain "when" 😃


  • Love the new look but I wished you still included text wrap and enlarge fonts. Now it's very difficult to read those small fonts and quite tiresome panning through text that overlap the screen. It's supposed to be built for mobile, right? If you don't have a safari-like reader option then bring back the text wrapping and enlarge fonts PLEASE! The settings option is too simple! It used to be my frequently used app for saving data usage but now it makes me wanna erase Opera Mini for good. If only I could revert to the previous version - very versatile, practical and convenient to use. Oh well...

  • Besides the data compression feature of Opera Mini I really like the: "Single Column View" + "Text wrapping" + "Zoom" This really improves the reading of websites on small phone screens. All 3 features are missing in version 8.0 which is very surprising to me. Even no warning in release notes. Right now I regret upgrading to 8.0 - Opera Mini no longer differentiate from other browsers with these features - really a drawback. Is it a mistake ? Plans to bring it back ? Hope so - Thanks

  • I agree with the previous reviews, including the disappointment over the HUGE mistake of leaving out one of the main reasons I used Opera Mini, the Zoom and Text wrapping features. I've already started looking for a replacement. - Thanks

  • Hi! The new update is great. But I found a problem with YouTube in Opera Turbo mode and saving of data. In any of these modes I could play any video from YouTube, only shows black screen. What someone has been the same?


  • Nice, but.... no bookmark syncing = no good!

  • How can i save password to access to sites, without writing them every time? kind regards

  • I like Opera Mini 8 for iOS! Because cool and useful! But I hope 3 things.

    ・Support "read it later" searvice (ex. Pocket)

    ・Directly access to original news page from "Discover". Like the "Discover" of Opera for Desktop.

    ・Sync with Opera for Desktop (Bookmarks, Speeddial, Search engine, and so on)

  • Adjusting the font size would be very helpful!


  • Where are gone all the good features of past versions : zooming and reformatting for small screen devices.
    Some sites are completely unreadable with this new version 8 for iOS, on iPhone 5s at least.
    Could you enhance the settings and bring back those two options.

  • What happened to support for RSS feeds?
    I go to my feed://list// link, I get an error "Client doesn't support feeds."
    How can this be? The RSS reader bout in to Opera mini goes back almost to the beginning.

  • Is there any way to keep web pages from constantly refreshing? If I can't find a workaround for this, I'm going to have to uninstall; it's useless to me like this. I like to open 20-30 tabs before I get on the train, then I read them at my leisure. Now I have to have an active connection to open a page AND I have to wait 45 seconds or more for a page to load. I have to find a way to fix this or revert to the earlier version. Please help! Candy Crush is not an acceptable substitute for being able to read the news during my commute.

  • Oh No Opera why did you ditched your users who are stuck at iOS 4.2.1 due to Apple's Greed. First it was the desktop browser now it's Mini 😞

    Disappointed to see iOS 4.2.1 support is dropped.

  • what the hell happened to the single column option.. that was immense, and made reading certain websites a breeze, without having to zoom in etc to adjust the page.

    nice new UI, but overall a poor effort by leaving out certain things which made Opera Mini a great browser.

  • I've upgraded and have been playing a bit. I'm a little confused between "Mini" mode and "Turbo" mode. As best I can figure it, Mini mode uses the proxy servers while Turbo mode renders directly in the device.

    However, there are some differences beyond that:

    When I select Mini, the font is much smaller than when I select "Turbo". No idea why.

    In Mini mode, I have access to the (now sadly reduced) opera:config options. In Turbo, I don't. Are there any configuration options for Turbo?

    In Mini mode I can't seem to save passwords anymore.

    In Turbo mode, opening a link with a page anchor (mostly to jump to a new post on a forum) doesn't work - or at least it doesn't seem to work properly in vBulletin boards.

    I've been using Mini for ages - first on my BB, and for the last few years on my iphone. I see a few big drawbacks to the new release:

    -control text size; it's a little too small now

    -save passwords on request (it seems to in Turbo, but not Mini)

    -get single column view back; though I rarely use it, when I need it it's fantastic

    -cache pages without refresh; the frequent reload is really annoying, especially in forums where it reloads and makes me lose my place


  • Opera is a very good product but literally the main reason I chose to use it on our office ipads was for the ability to change the font size (not available on safari or chrome for ios). I have a presentation where I'm introducing these ipads in 3 hours and I'm just a tad bit annoyed that the font is not adjustable anymore. For the very specific purpose I'm using these ipads the font being large is essential. I realize I'm a unique case and a victim of bad timeing but please consider adding this functionality back.

    thanks you


  • i want same ui in any touch screen devices

  • bring back font size and text wrap, this is the only reason why I was finding Opera mini better than the other browsers

    why did you remove it?

    i have been losing a huge amount of time reading faq and trying to find it in the new settings menu, just to find out it was removed without telling anybody about it