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High cpu usage watching youtube

  • Issue still persist in version 70. 😞

  • @marjang Yes, and there is no sign that it will change. That's why I use Opera less and less.

  • Hi,

    The future would be worse - Tab Media Gif on PIP.

  • Animated media gif is ok if this is really just a gif (like the one in Vivaldi
    If Opera doesn't want to refuse from the animated indication in favor of the static one (like in Chrome/Edge), why not to create a simple gif that will look similarly to the current equalizer.
    As far as I know the problem of the current indication is this is not a gif, it performs like a equalizer (indications depends on what happens with sound at the moment).
    I like the current equalizer, but smoothness and better performance while playing videos I like much more.

  • I am having this problem too on MacOS 10.15.7 for the past month. Only youtube is using a large portion of CPU and making my laptops fans spin up like crazy. Never used much CPU before

  • Problem persist in v.71.

    I have fanless i5 4570T CPU and whole case gets crazy hot. Power consumption jumps from 10 watts to about 18 watts, if favicon is not hovered by cursor...

  • Hi,

    Each one with the problem should open a BugReport to find out Systems affected and take some attention from Devs or Company's Manager.

  • There are enough bug reports on forum and in the blog (with screenshots) so most probably they are aware of the bug but ignoring it during a ~year already and don't offer any solution if they can't fix it.
    I don't know what's the problem to replace the equalizer with a simple animated icon (with the same animation style if they wish)?

  • My fix was very simple and straight forward: Unistalled Opera and installed Firefox.

    I was a very avid Opera user, Opera was my main browser, and pretty much I convinced everyone on my family to shift to it, but since this bug I decided to remove since it's pretty much very unstable, one release it gets fixed, the next one it comes back.

    I need something reliable since I'm a web developer, Opera let me down with this, this isn't something related to Chromium or Blink/V8 since other Chromium based browsers doesn't suffer of this issue, at least for me.

    It was good while it lasted, I'm subscribed to all these threads, might come back once they decided to take this issue seriously and fix it for good.

  • @andrew84

    Official BugReport is not Forum's report.
    Someone from Opera receives those messages.

    Should be already fixed or worked-around.
    Animated icon is unnecessary, a toggle to a Static one for those with the problem is more than enough until find a global fix.

  • @zalex108 said in High cpu usage watching youtube:

    Animated icon is unnecessary, a toggle to a Static one for those with the problem is more than enough until find a global fix

    But I just suggested a compromise in case if they (Opera) want to keep the equalizer view (jumping bars) to be different from other browsers. I'm pretty sure that very few users will notice the difference or will be against the simple animation,
    *Vivaldi also has an animated tab's indicator (sound waves) but this is just a simple loop animation and doesn't consume CPU.

  • @andrew84

    Options to fix it, exists.
    I don't know the reasons for this situation.

  • By the way, I don't use Opera GX, but there was a report also regarding the new feature 'Dynamic audio visualizer' which also consumes CPU
    The feature can be turned off there, but the implementation of such feature tells me that they don't care much for fixing the bug (looks a bit funny because GX offers some RAM and CPU limitations and at the same time GX itself contains feature which consumes a lot of CPU. If I limit CPU usage, the feature will lag, I guess)

  • The Opera 72 update and cleaning out my laptop (both physically & through software) seem to have fixed this issue for me. i have a feeling hardware decoding for video wasn't being used correctly, even though I have a kaby lake CPU

    On MacOS 10.15.7

  • @nintendork07


    I did twice here on Win x64 months ago, still the same on them.

    I'll see for V72.

  • For me, problem persist in v.72, Win8.1, fanless i5 CPU, power consumption jumps from 9W to 14W if favicon is animated on youtube vs cursor hover over tab:


    (Using Open Hardware Monitor to show temp. and power consumption)

  • @marjang I'm also on Win 8.1 but have a weaker/older CPU (integrated graphics) and results are similar - by the cursor hovered tab eats almost 10W less in CPUID HWMonitor.

  • The main reason I believe this is occurring is because hardware accelerated video decode is not working correctly. Turning hardware acceleration off and then on again seems to fix this for me. I can tell if it's working by how long youtube videos take to load or how high my fans spin (on a simple 1080p youtube video...)

    Another step I used was looking at Opera://GPU and seeing the Hardware Video Decode status.

    For me it said:

    Hardware Protected Video Decode: Unavailable
    Metal: Disabled (I am on Mac)

    I changed the Flag: Override software rendering list and now it says my hardware protected video decode is enabled.

    This is occurring on other chromium based browsers as well (Chrome & Brave)

    I am on MacOS 10.15.7 with Macbook Pro 13 inch 2017

  • Actually i watch videos now sometimes i thaugt some bugs not fix when refresh no bugs i still consufused and some websites loads very slow some are opened but not seenimage Eg:

  • Maybe problem is related to win8.1 ? I can't reproduce on win10.