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  • What i really want:

    1. I want a search bar, that is always visible, where i can enter words to be searched. When i press enter it should be searched with my default search engine.
    2. Right next to this search bar should be some buttons for alternative search engines or websites like Wikipedia, amazon or whatever, that i can push instead of pressing enter.
    3. After the website is opened, the words in the search bar should turn into buttons. When i press the button it should jump to this word in the open website. Like it would when i open strg+f and type in this word and click on the "arrow right" button.
    4. There must be an option to highlight these words in every open website. So if this option is activated, the buttons are colored, and every find in the website displayed too.

    Basically these are the functions of the Firefox addon „searchwp“ what is not available anymore.
    See here:

    This is he most useful addon i have ever used. And i cannot live without that.

    So some comments from me:
    To 1.: I will never understand why it switches back displaying the complete URL. What is interesting to see it except the highlighted part = domain you are surfing on? I would like to see my search instead of this for example: „“
    To 2.: So when i begin to type in the address bar, i get this all. I could live with that.
    To 3.: When you search for an error message for example, and your result is a forum page with a lot posts, how can you find what you are searching for? Wanna read all posts? What you really do first is searching for your search words. It is so much helpful to have a button for that.
    To 4.: When you can highlight these words, you see first second what you are searching for on a website. I really do miss that.

  • There is an option in Settings > Advanced > Browser in the User Interface section to enable a dedicated search box, though it doesn't have buttons for the search engines. But your #1 is already there at least.

  • Thanks!
    So yeah, to #2: i could live the workaround, i type in the address bar the search with having my buttons, and when done i see the words in the search bar..... But the bars are not synchronized 😞 The search bar stay empty, too bad.

    Whatever, i can use the search bar with the default search engine. That is better than before.

    The Buttons (#2) is not the most important anyway, the missing search/highlighting (#3 and #4) still pains.

  • This wish is related to #3.

  • Oh, and one thing i missed, it should be #5
    5. : When the search site opens with your search, and you change some keywords on the site, this new search should be synchronized back with the seach bar.
    So if you type in the search bar "test" press enter, your default search engine opens with the search prefilled with "test". If you change the search "test" in "testing" on the website, it should change the shown word in the searchbar to "testing", too.
    This was the function of this addon:

  • So is there a chance to get this, or is this finally rejected?
    I really like Opera, so i would wait for something like that.

    Without that i would switch to the old version of Firefox or Waterfox, in that the old addons are still running. Sucks, but i can find everything when i search, skip all those crap shon by every search engine....

    Btw, the newer Address Bar doesn´t help better....

  • Thanks for the answer. You suck.

  • No one at Opera has reviewed this as far as I know, so it's not a yes or a no. In my opinion though, I assume they'd say there's not enough users asking for this to justify the work. And, they'd probably say that they'd rather have someone make an extension that does this.

  • @just-blabla Watch your language. If nobody answered, it was because nobody knows the answer.

    And even if someone knew it, there's no obligation in posting it.

  • @just-blabla We will probably only know if and when a build with the requests implemented is released.