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Opera Adobe Flash Player Not Working

  • Try it. Go in the Opera browser to the Adobe Flash website. (make sure not to install any superfluous things there, like the Chrome Browser). Download the latest flash update. Close Opera. Install it. Then see if your flash works, by going to a site like YouTube, though make sure Opera Turbo is not enabled in your Opera menu.

    Remember also, if this still doesn't work to type in the Opera address bar, "Adobe:Plugins" and then make sure that the Adobe Flash Player is enabled. Or do that after you have installed the latest version of flash.

  • i did that and it says error,couldnt install adobe flash player please help...

  • i did that and it says error,couldnt install adobe flash player please help...

    It seems a OS issue. Are you trying to install the correct flash player for your OS and browser?

    Also, do you have admim rights on your OS? I think they are needed to install flash.

  • Hi,

    I currently experience this, too.

    I downloaded Opera latest version for Windows. Then when I opened a website like Facebook games or YouTube, it says that I need to download adobe flash player. I went to the website and downloaded the latest version. Then when installation is done and i opened the installer, there's only a blank/black screen. No download whatsoever. I checked Opera:Plugins, Adobe Flash Player is not listed there.

  • Try downloading ppapi flash on

  • This ALWAYS works for me [make sure YOUR system is correctly identified by the page] tricks, just download, save, then run...

    Uncheck the proposed Chrome install...

  • I have the same problem (posted elsewhere). I have had this trouble for a couple of months. I have tried all ways to keep Flash installed. I can install it one day, but when I start the computer next time, Flash has vanished. I checked 'Developer Tools>Plug-ins' and Flash shows as installed. next time I start the computer and Flash does not play, I check 'Developer Tools' again and it has vanished. I have tried workarounds from Adobe and they do not help either. It appears that Flash likes some computers and not others.

  • I am new Opera user, I just migrate from Chrome..

    I facing the same problem, which adobe is not install correctly, and the plugin is not available..
    I have google for solution , I even try manual installation, it does not work too.

    finally, I managed to solve it by installing standalone flash player.
    My Opera 25.0.1614.71
    Windows 7 32bit

    Goto page
    Current version :
    Flash Player (Win and Mac)
    choose : Plugin-based browsers


    1. Close Opera
    2. install the Standalone flash player,
    3. Open opera, now the Adobe flash is available.

    The trick is "Standalone" flash player..
    Other will not work for me..

    Hope this help...

  • yea what a load had been using opera NOW can't adobe flash not working says needs to updated. It is works on 3 other browsers no problem. HELP HERE PLEASE

  • @yclee72 solution worked for me also.

  • @yclee72 Thanks, it worked for me too.


    Well there is no problem actually. All you have to do is to uninstall your adobe flash player by going to Control Panel - Uninstall Programs. (All brosers must be closed. If they're not then it will tell you what browsers are still open)

    Sometimes browsers wont close so you must do it manually throught Task Manager - Right klick on Taskbar - Task Manager - Details. End all the executables that are related to the borwsers you're using. (Opera.exe; Chrome.exe; ie.exe etc)

    After uninstalling download one of those below and install.
    (Must choose browser you have the problem with)


    Internet Explorer

    Firefox; Netscape

    Opera; Chrome


    Safari; Firefox; Netscape

    Opera; Chrome

    I realy hope that this helped you guys. 🙂

  • Best to you all!

  • I tried your suggestion, Marko, but I STILL don't have Flash on Opera! I need Opera to surf TEs, safelists and PTCs. So PLEASE help!

    I did the following:

    1. Downloaded the installer. (The one in your suggestion for Opera for Windows...)
    2. Closed ALL my browsers. I use Firefox and Opera.
    3. Uninstalled my old Flash.
    4. Ran the installer.
    5. Reopened my browsers.
    6. Opened my PTC. Clicked advertisement. Error: NO FLASH DETECTED!

    I've done this at lease THREE times with the same results.

    I need to get Flash urgently for Opera as I can't do my advertising until I have it...


  • I STILL don't have Flash on Opera!

    Is flash listed in opera:plugins? It's ppapi one?

    If you go to this page and click on "Check Now", does it says that you have Flash installed?

  • Leo, SETTINGS says Flash is installed, your page says it is not.

  • Settings or Plugins? opera://plugins/

  • SETTINGS says Flash is installed

    Where in settings? I don't remember anything there that could say that flash is installed or not.

    Are you using the latest version of Opera (which is Opera 30)? If not, which one are you using?

    Go to using Opera , uncheck the box with the offer and download the flash installer.

    Run it with Opera closed and see if flash now appears as installed.

  • Plugin settings on latest Opera, of course! I got it on opera://plugins/ & you can also get it from MENU>SETTINGS>PROGRAMS.

    Leo, I downloaded the latest standalone version of Flash (version 18) 2 days ago and installed it. Both Opera and Flash are on auto-update. I installed it when all my browsers where closed. 😢

  • ou can also get it from MENU>SETTINGS>PROGRAMS.

    Ah, are you still using Opera Presto (Opera 12.17 and older)? It seems so as Opera Blink doesn't have "Programs" under Settings.

    If so, you will have to install npapi flash and i'm not sure if newest versions will work with old Opera.