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Farewell Opera... Sync feature is at fault...

  • I spend lot of time on browser. After several hours of work I have everything compiled in bookmarks, start page etc. and now I want it on my every device. I came to sync feature of Opera and setting up my account, I realize it not only does not work, it is confusing to begin with.

    1> I have Opera setup on my desktop to my likings. So all my devices' browser should match my desktop Opera.
    2> When I login to my android device with brand new Opera install and login, and do sync.
    3> What does really happen here? Which device is source and which device is destination for sync? If just installed is source, it's going to overwrite my desktop settings and I could lose a lot of hours of work!
    4> I hit youtube for quick help - nothing useful there.
    5> I went to Opera Help and find very basic explanation on sync feature.
    6> Ideally this is the most useful feature and I think it should be properly explained.

    So I figured I will save my seeing with few bookmark exports so I can quickly import into whatever next browser I can find which can do sync perfectly.

    I love Opera and want to stick with it, but until there is enough work done on this feature, my search for perfect browser will continue...

  • Actually, none of your devices will be a source - everything gets merged together so you will both have your desktop bookmarks on the mobile device and the other way around - Opera's Sync acts roughly the same as Chrome's one when it comes to the overall behavior, and honestly every other browser synchronization system that I know of.
    I can assure you that nothing will get lost, that's my job to make sure of it ; ]
    However, that's a valid point if you feel that the documentation is not deep enough for 'more technical' users, I'll check what can we do about it.

  • Dear @ajuraszek // Opera Team,

    It is not possible to sync between desktop and mobile devices.
    Why do I receive this login error message constantly:
    "Connection error. Cannot sync data" if my device is online, my credentials are valid. I had no problems with this earlier.

    What is the reason and how to fix it?
    Thank you for your response in advance.

  • @aproize What versions of Opera and What OSs?

  • Hi @leocg,
    Mini 16 on iOS 12
    I saw Mini's no longer offered in the App Store but I still should be able to login and keep using the version I have, right? I don't run auto-updates and I'm even willing to downgrade iOS just to get back to data sync feature of Mini if iOS 11 was the last version Opera Mini supported...
    I'm sorry but Touch and Flow are not very suitable for online work on the go.
    What do you suggest?

  • @aproize Although there doesn't seem to be an official announcement, Opera Mini for IOS seems to have been discontinued or is at a development hold.

  • @leocg

    Can you login at

    It's "403 request forbidden" on every mobile browser app in normal and private mode. It works alright only on the desktop.

  • @aproize That's strange.

  • @leocg indeed it is but what exactly do you mean? I've been using the Mini on mobile for more than a decade.
    I have an old mcbook with OSX 10 and the latest Opera 64 to it and this is the only thing that works today. So:
    a) I can choose to carry my waffle-iron 3-kilo-laptop with me
    b) I can choose to move my data to default providers' less secure cloud storage (I'm a EU citizen, so American law and data policy, you know what)
    c) I can get a graph paper notebook and "share things to myself" in the classic way
    Which one is the most 21st century data clouds and crypto-tech era-alike solution??????????

    Don't get me wrong but quite a number of users have already started quite a number of threads on this in Opera Mini for iOS category looking for useful answers, since there has not been any official announcement about what is going on. 🙄

  • @aproize I mean that it's strange that the site seems to be blocking IOS.

  • @leocg does Opera block iOS or does iOS block Opera? Why the incompatibility? It worked fine on my iPhone until last december when I got myself an iPad and it turned out Mini won't login and sync my data between the devices - or at all. I logged out of my iPhone's Opera Mini too to test it, and it never let me log in again.
    "Connection error. Cannot sync data"

  • @aproize Good question, I don't know.

  • @leocg yes yes, that actually is the thread where I'm coming from, lol. There's my reply from 12/jan/2019 where I had my iPhone still on iOS 10 and could not login to sync my devices. so I gave it a go in the Sync topic and found an Opera team member and an Administrator.
    Everyone struggles that there is no fix only workaround, like on Touch I can manually transfer urls one by one into an endless list of links on Flow. Seriously?