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Where are the Opera Mail (standalone client) Logs?

  • I'd like to know where the opera mail standalone client logfiles are, I need them for troubleshooting. Are those even generated? Can I somehow activate them?
    I remember logfiles from the inbuilt mailclient in Opera 12.x, but I can't find them for the standalone client.

    Bests, Olaf

  • Which logs? Like in the bultin client you need to enable the logs for each account on accounts;ini by adding the lines:

    Incoming Log File={Home}Desktop/accountN_inlog.txt
    Outgoing Log File={Home}Desktop/accountN_outlog.txt

    The part afdter the = sign i sthe path to where the log should be created.

  • Hi,
    thanks for your fast reply, I added the lines
    Incoming Log File=C:\operamail_incoming_log.txt
    Outgoing Log File=C:\operamail_outgoing_log.txt
    at the end of the [Account1] (also tried the / variant instead of ) but no logfile is generated. I need the logs to troubleshoot IMAP issues (connection/authentication).

    Any other idea how to enable these logs? I remember doing exactly what you proposed with Opera12.x long time ago, where it just worked, but still no luck with the standalone client 😕

    Thanks in advance, Olaf

  • They still work just as suggested (also here). Not sure why they're not working for you.

    If Opera never makes a connection at all though for some reason, that'd explain why no logs are generated. But, if Opera is attempting to log in to the server, that should show in the log.

  • Hi,
    I changed the lines from
    Incoming Log File=C:\operamail_incoming_log.txt
    Outgoing Log File=C:\operamail_outgoing_log.txt
    Incoming Log File=C:\Users\Olaf\Desktop\account1_inlog.txt
    Outgoing Log File=C:\Users\Olaf\Desktop\account1_outlog.txt

    Now it works just like intended, seems Opera for any reason doesn't like the root directory C:\

    Thanks for your help 🙂