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  • I love Opera's integrated sidebars, but Messenger is the only one applicable to me. What about Discord and Slack sidebars? They would both appeal to subcultures that the existing selection (of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and VK) might miss. Particularly, Discord integration would raise popularity with tech geeks due to its bots and emphasis on facilitating open source projects, while Slack integration would attract professionals and businesspeople. Both these groups use browsers a lot and care about using a good browser, and geeks advocate their favorites. This could boost Opera's market share significantly.

  • I would like to see in the sidebar discord

  • I think adding all this to the sidebar discord, twitter, etc. are all related to the ram usage of the browser. if devs can find a way to make it work within the acceptable levels of ram usage they would add them immediately.

  • @SilentHugOfDoom Interesting. Thank you for explaining that. I see the problems that most users won't be knowledgeable enough to deal with things like, "Don't turn on all the sidebars or the browser will crash," and having only a few geeks here and there using a feature would not make it worth building.

  • @SilentHugOfDoom Why do you think that? And what would be an acceptable level of RAM usage?

  • @leocg vivaldi browser has a fully customizable sidebar and more pages you add there more ram vivaldi uses. both opera and vivaldi have the same engine so it would be the same thing more or less? I'm not a technical expert I'm just guessing. more extensions you add more ram your browser use. more sidebar pages you add more ram it uses but, built-in features are more optimized by the developers so in opera it's not using a lot of ram than it would be in vivaldi. that's why opera is much better in performance. that's how I think. and, also that's why I think too much customization is not that good.

    acceptable level of ram usage depends on the user. if it's not lagging my system, not causing my system to get slow, etc. with my way of using it then it is acceptable for me. if opera add a lot of sidebar features and becomes a burden for my system it means it uses a lot of ram. if you want me to say numbers I can't. it depends on the system and os. firefox weird in that sense.

    for example; I never use firefox because it uses a lot of ram in my system. opera starts with 215MB ram with extensions, and never uses more than 350MB. firefox starts with 350MB goes up to 1GB. I do the same thing in both of them why use firefox if that's the case? but, I also know that in linux, firefox is better than how it is in my system. it's more optimized for linux, but not for macOS especially for 4k displays.

  • @SilentHugOfDoom As you said, RAM usage is something that no one should care about unless it is causing issues. And unless there is a huge memory leak or the amount of RAM is too low, it probably won't happen.