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How to set an "Other speed dial" as home page or start page?

  • I was running Laptop 1 with Opera Browser and had created a neatly foldered list of bookmarks that opened as the home or start page - there may be a difference - when I clicked the Opera Button in my task bar.

    In short: Opera's Opening Screen showed: A) all the tabs that were opened when I closed it right on top, B ) under that the Google typing search and C) under that my speed dial with my neatly foldered bookmarks.

    I am now on Laptop 2 as Laptop 1 be dead. I downloaded Opera Browser and signed in, and was able to get my old Speed Dial Page to be there as a Tab that is apparently Bookmarks; Other Speed Dials It's all foldered and my plaint on that page is that it doesn't show the icons of the individual bookmarks as little icons within the large folder icon, it's a white blank with just the name I gave the folder below it. I'd love to fix this, but it's less important than the below issue.

    I really want that original "Other Speed dial" page to be the Opening Page under the tabs and the Google Browser when I click my lovely "Red O" to Open Opera.

    Any idea how to do this?

    Thanks! Alley

  • Goto the URL opera://bookmarks. In the "other speed dials" folder, select all and drag them to "Speed Dial".

    Is that what you need?

  • @burnout426 said in How to set an "Other speed dial" as home page or start page?:


    Thank you so much for trying, but nope.

    A) The link you gave opens to just a blank page. B ) the import function on that page is for other browsers not another iteration - or the same one - of Opera; C) no search of bookmarks in my computer turns up an accessible copyable Bookmarks.html file. I know it's there, but Windows search is a piece of garbage and finds nothing. It just does not work. D) The bookmarks I want are already in the bookmarks area in Opera appearing, as noted, on the page you get by clicking "Other Speed Dials" which cannot be made the Home/Opening Page which is what I want and you cannot open two separate instances of Opera to realistically copy then paste and when you open the page with Other Speed Dials you can't copy the bookmark then go to another TAB that's the opening/front page of the bookmarks and paste there.

    Let's keep trying! Thank you!

  • @allisondbl It's the address of Opera's bookmark page, where you can copy the content of *Other Speed Dials * into Speed Dial so you can see your old Speed Dials in the Start Page

    You can also open the page, click on the heart icon and change the location to Speed Dial

    And bookmarks page can't be set as start page.