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  • Hi
    I view pdfs in opera with adobe reader, because I can use tabs instead of windows. But there is one bad thing in this combination, I can't open multiple pdfs with opera at one time. I need to open one at a time in different tabs.
    It would be great if opera could open multiple files.


  • Afaik Opera can open multiple files. Or multiple tabs with files.

  • If in the settings, there's an option to use an external reader in browser...
    I don't know...

  • If you had all of the pdfs (that you want to open) in a folder on the bookmarks bar, can't you right click on the folder, and select Open All? Then every pdf file/bookmark in the folder would open in a new tab, simultaneously.

  • With bookmark bar I can open multiple files in a folder, but I don't use a bookmark bar, because my laptop is a 13.3'' so I don't like the waste of space of the bookmark bar. A possible solution for this, would be a bookmark bar like Chrome, the bookmark bar is visible only when you are at the homepage.

    I tried Crtl+O to open multiple files but it's not possible to select multiple files. I tried to select multiple pdfs and drag them to opera but it only opens 1. The solution I got for now is set opera has the default program to open pdfs, with this I can select multiple pdfs and open them all in tabs. But it would be nice to have a more versatile browser that can simplify this.

  • You don't have to show the bookmarks bar for this feature. You can keep the bookmarks bar hidden to save valuable browser real estate. Use an extension bookmark manager, like Neater Bookmarks.

    When you click on the icon for the extension, you get a vertical display of your bookmarks. If you right click on a folder, you get the option to open all bookmarks in the folder. So you can set up folders of pdfs, and then open the folder you want (and get them to all open at one time in new tabs), by just right clicking on the Neater Bookmarks icon, then right clicking on the folder in it that has your pdfs, and choosing Open All.

    You know, to download a Chrome extension, you need the Opera extension called, "Download Chrome extension,"

    or Extension Source Viewer,

  • Thanks
    I was using this
    but with that wasn't possible to open multiple boorkmars.

    I already installd the netater bookmark and is great, but with this looks like I can't add new bookmarks. So, I found this and I think they work great together. I'll use these two until better option.

    Thanks one more time.

    PS: I still think Opera should have the possibility to select and open multiple files, I think that wouldn't be difficult to implement.

  • YES. I should have mentioned Add Bookmark too. I use it, and consider it very valuable.

    Now this extension does help on adding bookmarks. Without it, you have to drag from the Speed Dial (a link/thumbnail) to the Personal Bookmarks bar (to create a bookmark), or the icon on the left of the address bar to the Personal bookmarks bar. But Add Bookmarks makes it a lot easier. Since you're not showing the bookmarks bar, this was a problem. A thought though, because I don't show the bookmarks bar either. I prefer the minimalist look. And why waste the browser real estate with the bar. You can toggle the bookmarks bar to show (well, . . . it's close to a toggle :)) when you need it, by just going Alt P, and then putting the dot in show the bookmark bar. Do what you need to do with the bar. And then Alt P and take the dot out.

    As to what Opera should do, they have so many priorities -- what to do first. They've been reprogramming from scratch with the new Browser engine, and have made a lot of progress. But I'm sure they have a lot on their plate. I just wanted to pass along some ideas that might help you right now.