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Does Opera Have A "Proper" Status Bar ?

  • Been using Opera for a longtime and seem to be missing a status bar at the base of the page. Has Opera ever had one ? Vivaldi's statusbar has been improved to show the status as a page loads, this is beneficial to me as I am on a slow connection. I can then see if I'm stuck in a loop ! Interested to know the answer.

  • @mike88 Opera doesn't have a status bar.

  • Why not ? Most browsers have them. I'll have a look for an extension or ask if a status bar could be added to Opera sometime in the future.

  • @mike88 Maybe because very few people are interested in having one? Maybe because it doesn't really show any relevant information?

    Don't know.

  • @leocg Vivaldi managed to make it work, Maybe Opera should stop being lazy and implement things that user wants even if they don't like it or if it's optional? Plus Opera has a useless sidebar so the logic of your argument isn't there.

    There's a reason why Vivaldi exploded with users from being so personalize and being feature rich. And why Opera is still having a hard time... GX still in early access and not much has been done on it or on actual Opera browser. Failed Concepts like Neon was a waste of resource as they aren't even aiming for it at all.

    Vivaldi on the other hand focuses on getting their browser better, Opera can't help getting distracted and pushing out half-baked features.

  • Maybe this thread should be merged with this one by mike88? (I was just about to post something here, but was now irritated about suddenly only seemingly missing contributions from burnout426).

  • @artexjay Vivaldi is a different browser with a different targeting audience. So keep comparing Opera with Vivaldi regarding features like the one requested in this topic doesn't really make that much sense for me.

    Just because Vivaldi has it, doesn't mean that Opera should follow and have the same and vice-versa.

  • @leocg No what I'm comparing is how successful one implementation of the feature is to one another. If you were to compare GX and Vivaldi then yes doesn't make sense since GX is a niche browser.

    For example for speeddials I compare Vivaldi, Opera, Yandex, similar feature. there All three are somewhat equal.

    Pop-up compare with Yandex similar feature. Yandex's is more polished, supports keyboard naviagtion, and auto-pop up. If it can be done and is better to have it than not to have it then is should be done.

    For statusbar you can compare any browser that has it. Look at it's implementation in this case Vivaldi has managed to make it relevant and useful again by adding feature rich things to it.

    Sidepanel - Vivaldi managed to add rich features to it to make it relevant and useful. Opera, Yandex not so much. And Opera has been trying the sidepanel for a long long time now and still fails.

    It doesn't make sense to not compare it as they try to be an alternative to Chrome, Vivaldi wants to be personalizeable. Opera wants what? it's actually not very clear what it wants to be given the direction of where the browser is going. Wants to be privacy oriented? then compare privacy features to Epic, Brave, Firefox. Compare similar features to browser that have the feature as well.

  • @artexjay Vivaldi is a niche browser, like Opera used to be in its early years.

  • @leocg Well thats just false, unless you also mean Opera is currently a niche browser just like Firefox as well as Brave then sure.
    Vivaldi is about personalizing your browser as well as having privacy in your hands and And is really the Alternative to the current Opera more than anything.
    Firefox is about privacy same with Brave.
    Chrome is about being streamline and fast.
    Edge is about being fast but capable.
    Opera GX a "Gamer" browser now thats a niche software. another is Min, a minimalist browser also niche.

    Opera doesn't have a direction unless you count flailing around as a direction. You do need to work on you elaboration skills instead of just saying this is this and that's that.

  • [Off Topic]

    Vivaldi is growing, fast and stable, even with its slowliness because the start up problem.

    Is working at least on 3 projects and it's focused on another direction.
    Just look the websites and test the products.

    Will see in some years or even months.

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