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AppContainer Lockdown crashes Opera

  • Hi,

    The GPO Appcontainer works, but the Appcontainer Lockdown crashes Opera, without option to recover.


  • @kees1958 Edit Local State to remove the flag and allow Opera to open.

  • Thanks, for the work around, to stop Opera from crashing, but . . .

    Why is Opera the ONLY chromium based browser not able to implement this security feature which was introduced in 2013 (that is six years ago)!

    A deal breaker for me, uninstalled Opera and trying out Brave and Edge-Chromium as alternative to Chrome now.

  • The flag was crashing Opera right on startup? What other flags did you have enabled. I enabled that flag and Opera didn't crash.

    What OS, what version of Opera, what GPU, what GPU driver version?

  • @burnout426

    No the GPU flags works, but the other one does not(the one which is on default in the picture). Only thise two, Opera also crashes when it is the only flag enabled.

    Post a picture where most subprocesses (except broker and reporter) run in AppContainer

  • Oops. I see now. Thanks for clarifying. I see the UI still loads fine, but all pages crash. And, according to Process Explorer under the integrity column, I see that all the processes are not in an app container.

  • I see that in Opera Developer, the "Enable AppContainer Lockdown" flag is gone. Assuming it was removed since it's not working, but not sure.

  • @burnout426 said in AppContainer Lockdown crashes Opera:

    I see that in Opera Developer, the "Enable AppContainer Lockdown" flag is gone.

    The flag is actually gone in Chrome Canary too. According to, the flag is being removed as it's going to turn into a regular feature/settings (that's off by default at first by on by default later).

    So, for now sit tight. But, watch Chrome Canary and Opera Developer for when this comes back as a feature/settings in chrome://settings. Then, if it still crashes Opera, report back here and then Opera can check out the crash.

  • Thanks for your research. So in the next Chrome stable it will disappear. In Chrome when I don't set it and keep it on default, it is set by Chrome itself depending on the OS (so OFF in Windows 7 and ON in Windows 8.1 and higher). and be set to off and in the future it will be ON by default.

    It is weird that a security feature introduced six years ago, still crashes the current Opera build

  • @kees1958 said in AppContainer Lockdown crashes Opera:

    So in the next Chrome stable it will disappear.

    Any Chromium-based browser that's based on Chromium 78 or newer (Chrome Beta, Opera Developer) has the flag removed. So, when Chrome Stable reaches Chromium 78, it'll have the flag removed too.

    Not sure about the other details about when it's going to be a setting or if it's just going to remain automatic like you're saying. Don't know. But, I see that Chrome beta that doesn't have the flag anymore doesn't use any AppContainers while Chrome Canary (which also doesn't have the flag) does. Chrome Canary is using Chromium 79. So, when Opera Developer reaches Chromium 79, I'd test to see if it automatically uses AppContainers like Chromium 79-based Chrome does. If Opera doesn't then, I'd assume it's time to investigate.

    (My Chrome Stable on Windows 10 isn't automatically using AppContainers with the flag at default.)