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Websites load with desktop version, only on Opera

  • Some websites load the desktop version when I'm using Opera but this only ever happens in Opera. This doesn't happen with other mobile browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Brave, etc How do I fix this? And yes, the use agent is set to Mobile already in the settings.


  • I hope someone from the dev team sees this because this really makes it hard to use Opera Mobile. Maybe add an option to scale the rendered web page so it doesn't think it's being viewed in a desktop?

  • @sprite-1 The sites are probably not identifying Opera for Android correctly and thinking that a desktop browser is being used.

    Try contacting the sites and report the problem to them.

  • @leocg Opera installed on a different phone works properly though so it's got something to do with Opera's scaling for the size of my phone. The issue then is that other browser don't have this issue in the first place in my phone