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[Solved]Cannot use formatting options at a forum in Opera only

  • Hi,

    Using Opera desktop browser (v63.0.3368.88 in Win7 64-bit), when trying to use the formatting options at a forum I frequent, I can see but cannot use their 3 (only) formatting options when posting new comments or editing existing ones. I have no such problems in IE, Chrome or Firefox.

    The site in question is:

    For Opera forum - can see HUKD formatting options, but cannot use them.png

    I have no ad-blockers of any kind installed in Opera, & I have tried resetting site content preferences in Opera settings for the HUKD site only, but to no avail.

    I also tried following the site preference settings (quoted below) I found in the official Opera Help pages, but I don't know what CTRL-click means - have tried all sorts of combos with keyboard+mouse, but cannot bring up the dialog to adjust settings for the site....

    "Site preferences

    Sometimes you may want to change settings permanently for one website only. If you know that one of your favorite websites relies on using pop-ups, for example, using Opera’s site preferences you can allow all pop-ups from this specific site while still blocking them on other sites. You may also want to allow trusted websites, such as your bank, to use more technologies than, for example, a game site you just happened to stumble across.

    To add or edit site preferences, CTRL-click a page while browsing the site and select Edit site preferences. A dialog displays, that allows you to adjust the following settings for the website:

    Animated images
    Content blocking
    Style modes
    Server settings

    Note: Site preferences have a higher priority than quick preferences, so if you have set site preferences and then change a setting using the Quick Preferences menu option, it will not override the setting in site preferences. To manage all site preferences, go to Preferences > Advanced > Content and select the “Manage site preferences” button."

  • @crossbow Any difference if you enable opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility?

  • @leocg said in Cannot use formatting options at a forum in Opera only:

    @crossbow Any difference if you enable opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility?

    That worked - thanks very much 😀

  • @crossbow Then it's a site problem. Report it to them so it can be fixed.