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How to use second mail account in Opera Mail

  • As I am in the process of changing Internet providers, I have created a second mail account with my new provider. How do I get received emails into the 'Received' area? At the moment I can get only see emails from my soon to be previous provider in there. Thanks for any suggestions

  • How do I get received emails into the 'Received' area?

    Just add an email account and your receveid messages will appear there. Or your are saying that you've added the new account but the messages aren't shown in Received?

    If so, do you have Opera Mail set up to show messages from all accounts?

  • Hi leocg, yes I have the two accounts now set up - am receiving emails into the two inboxes (when addressed to the relevant email address. Can you please tell me where I set the 'messages from all accounts'? Can't see it in Mail and Chat Accounts. Thank you.

  • Can you please tell me where I set the 'messages from all accounts'?

    Right click on the mail panel > Show Messages From...

  • Hi leocg, have done that, still no joy in being able to get mail from the second account into the Received/draft/etc area. I guess if we delete the first account and only one is left then all will be well (I hope!) thanks for your help.

  • "All Messages/Received" shows messages from all accounts by default. And, even if you change "show messages from" to something other than "All Accounts", if you restart Opera, it'll revert back to all.

    So, you shouldn't have any problem at all and it should just work. Sounds like something is messed up.

    Now, if you have the messages from the new account in labels that have "hide these messages from other views" set, they won't show up in "All Messages/Received" if "show hidden" is unchecked. Click the "settings for this view" button on the toolbar above the "All Messages/Received" message list and check "show hidden" to see if it makes a difference.

  • Thank you burnout426 - I can see now that the new account messages are currently appearing in the first account, so can hit the 'K' key to get them out of the immediate inbox. The View 'button' allowed me to choose the second account. Thanks so much guys for the help! As someone who is possibly a little more computer savvy than some, but definitely not a great computer person, I sometimes find Opera a little daunting if you have to get into the settings. But it is a great great browser and it is wonderful to be able to get help.