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Opera for Mac uses too much battery

  • Hi,
    I've been using Opera for Mac (latest version) for a while now and I noticed when I unplug my (fairly new) MacBook Pro while using Opera, my battery life time remaining goes down to 5-6 hours. I checked in Activity Monitor and the Energy Impact is 40-50 idle/light browsing and reaches about 90 when doing intensive activities like streaming or loading applets or flash. When I use other browsers the time remaining is about 9-10 or even 11 hours and the energy impact is 10 more or less at idle and 20-30 while browsing.
    Anybody else notice this? Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Yep, I noticed exactly the same. It is a fine browser, way better than Chrome, but for this problem. I guess I will not use Opera when travelling: in that situation one has to revert to Safari in order to save battery time. And that is a pain because one is used to Opera and Safari usually... well, sucks.

  • Hi all,

    I'm answering to say I must agree on this. Opera does use much more battery when compared to other browsers, specially Safari (although I'm aware it will not be easy to compete with Safari's battery impact).

    Still, I'd like to ask: are there any plans to improve this issue? I find myself not using Opera when I need to save my battery (e.g. when traveling), which is a pity, since Opera Browser is made to discover.

    All the best

  • You can give opera://flags/#tab-hibernation a try... 😉

  • Thanks! For some reason, enabling that flag didn't cross my mind. I did it and I'll see if I can notice any impact.

  • Battery saving tips for the battery conscious:

    • Close tabs you are not using 🙂
    • Enable Preferences: Websites: Plug-ins: Click to play (medium impact)
    • Disable Preferences: Websites: Privacy: Predict network actions to improve page load performance
    • Enable Opera Turbo to compress data and reduce network load (reduced data loads means less power usage)
    • Install Ghostery to block leech and reduce page complexity and network load as well as protect your privacy (win all around!)
    • Disable unused plug-ins and extensions – opera://plugins and opera://extensions
    • opera://flags/#tab-hibernation (experimental but high power savings!)
  • Switching to Safari seems to be easier:/

  • Thanks for the tips! 😃