Open website in background tab , what is the setting in menu.ini

  • Hi all,

    in my menu.ini, I have:

    =Delay, 100 & go to page,""

    What if I want this to open in background tab instead of new tab ?

    What would be the command I should add ?

    thank you

  • Not sure there is one, but you might try adding a number after the URL, as in

    Go to page, "", 1

    Not certain what purpose the Delay serves in there ...

  • Thanks,

    I have some other actions before the delay......

    For example:

    = send queue mail & Delay, 100 & go to page,""

    I have many others on the hotclick menu.ini

    So that ,1 in case doesn't work. What you would suggest to try other command in order to start new page in the background?

    Problem is that, after I send the queue mail, I will do something else but the googlemail come in a sudden to load onto what I am current watching due to the above command I set.

    However, I need the googlemail still, but open in the background.


  • Hi all ,

    Any clue ?

    that , in menu.ini

    [Hotclick popup item ]

    =send queue mail ( or any other actions , blah blah blah )

    & delay, 100

    & go to page, ""

    what is the next command string or Opera internal command I can have open in background tab ?

    Thank you.

  • Hi sgunhouse,

    comma 1 is seems nothing appear., do you think you can think of other command will work ?

    Go to page, "", 1 ( does not open in background tab, not opening either )

    Thank you !

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