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false positive - Secure connection: fatal error (300) - 12.14/win7

  • I'm hooked all the shortcut keys (shift+arrow link selection) still not available in newer versions of Opera.
    Recently updated the SSL cert on this website, but Opera identifies the certificate as fraudulent.
    I believe this is a false positive. Any way to get around this and get to the website?

    Secure connection: fatal error (300)
    The certificate is not known by its supposed issuer. It is not valid. In the worst case it may be used by criminals for fraudulent purposes. The website owner must immediately replace the certificate.

  • Strange - works fine in Opera 18, fails in 12.16. I suppose 12 must have outdated certificates then. We'll have to get them to issue an update ...

  • The site loads fine for me with Opera 12.16 (Win7 64-bit). Am I missing something?

  • Same problem here : 12.15 on Win7.
    We updated our SSL certificate and now I get the 300 fatal error in Opera. It works OK from the same computer with FF/Safari/IE/Chrome.
    It used to work until now with the previous certificate... The only difference I can see between the old and the new certificate is, that the Organisation (O) has not been set in the new cert. Does this confuse Opera?

  • The site is loading for me in Opera 8.52 through 12.11. "RapidSSL CA, GeoTrust, Inc." doesn't even need to be approved because it's on the browser's list. Some versions report the usual "insecure" state.

    OCSP Error

    But it does not load in 12.16 on the same system.

    Secure connection: fatal error (300)

    There is also no option to override and connect anyway. :down:

  • @j7nj7n

    Did you try to disable OCSP Validate Certificates?

  • I disabled the option, and the site now loads in Opera 12.16. The setting was also on in Opera 11.62, but the site loaded anyway as "insecure". Both these copies I have for testing only.

    I don't claim to understand how certificates work; only to tell my observations. The diagnostic report isn't very clear if encryption is really used on those "insecure" connections (unidentified certificates).

    Thank you, Krake.

  • Krake, thanks for the workaround! I can access the site now.

  • Hello, I have the same problem with opera 12.16 and the site

    It gives fatal error 300

    How can we open a ticket?

  • I just installed a new StartCom SSL certificate on my webserver and got this error, but it was only temporary.

    Wikipedia about OCSP:

    As I understand, this protocol checks the SSL authorities for revocation status of the certificate.
    It answers that the certificate is not known, but this is probably because it is new and its existence has not yet propagated to the OCSP online database. Just wait and try again later.

    IE and Firefox also support OCSP, but I guess they don't nag about unknown certificates, just revoked ones.