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  • Is it just me? Last few weeks everything has just gone downhill. My Google Music page hasn't worked for weeks, I've had to open Chrome just so I can stream music. Then there was some update recently that has really just ruined everything. My Yahoo mail page just sits there refreshing on its own and is unusable. Youtube videos (and most other videos) just show up as Adobe Flash click to play windows. If I open links in the background from a Google search page, go look at the link, when I come back to search page it refreshs itself. Which is extremely annoying if you're at the bottom of the page because upon refresh it take you back to the beginning. I've never been so frustrated with Opera in my life. I've been a loyal user since 3 something? UGH!! Am I missing something? Was there a big announcement of things you need to do to make it work correctly now? I spent a few minutes yesterday updating Flash/Shockwave to see if it had anything to do with that. Something is jacked up and I can't figure out what it is. Opera? My computer? Web pages?

  • Which version are you using?

  • Latest (22.0.1471.70). XP Pro, udated. It's a work computer. Good hardware. Most everything was perfectly fine about a week ago. Except for the issue, that has been ongoing for a few months now I think. If I didn't shave my head, I'd pull my hair out. I don't hang out on forums like I use to because up until recently, everything worked perfectly fine as I needed. I would only ever stop by here for a fix of something, but that was very rare.

  • Oh, and I'm having trouble logging Wells Fargo now. It won't except my login. It's correct, it's like the page isn't taking what I put in the fields before I hit submit.

  • Do you have Turbo/Off-Road mode enabled by chance?

  • OMG OMG!!!

    So, the not being able to log in thing got me thinking. I tried it on Chrome, done. Then noticed I was having issues on with Opera. Chrome, I got in. That made me wonder. So I ran Malwarebytes/ CCleaner. Rebooted. The hell? All but the Adobe Flash issue is fixed. I feel like an idiot. But like I said, this is a work computer, other than Fbook/Twitter etc, I don't do anything risky, but I picked up something anyway. The video thing is still there though. Didn't have to click to play Adobe Flash videos before, why now? Changed no settings.

    Ugh, so, sorry for the rant on Opera, but the last thing I suspected was malware.

  • Depending on what the malware might have been, I'd consider changing at least my Wells Fargo log-in. And anything else that is a 'sensitive' log-in that you may have logged into whilst you had the problem. Some malware monitors what you're sending, especially on forms boxes, and phones it home.