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Why Bookmark list without bookmarks?

  • Hi all,

    I use firefox. Like in Opera firefox has a bookmarks list on the left side. You can also create folders. Unlike Opera in firefox you have all the links within the bookmarks list. If you click them you can see open the link on the right side.

    In Opera the bookmark list doesn't contain the links. The links are on the right side, displayed as a clicable preview. Everytime you click them, a new window is opening. this is very anoying, if you have a long list of links and want to see them all. You have to go back everytime too the page with the links.

    Firefox: If you click on the link, a new page is opening in the same view.

    Is there any posibility to change this like in firefox?

  • @FAAY You can try pressing Ctrl while clicking on a bookmark to open it in a new tab.

    By the way, there are some topics asking for bookmarks to be opened in anew page by default, you can show your support in one of them.

  • @leocg Hello! Thanks for your answer. But this is what I don't want. I'd like to see the Bookmarks in the Bookmarks list, not on the right side. I'd like to click in the list to the links and see the result directly on the right side.

    Because this way, I can check and see a whole list of bookmarks quit fast.
    The situation right now is the following: I have previews of my bookmarks on the right side. I click them and a new tab opens. Then I have to go back to click the next bookmark and so on...

  • @FAAY Did you try the bookmarks menu?