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  • The first Opera stable 63.0.3368.35 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "Opera 63 comes with improved private browsing mode.
    Improved private mode

    The first thing you’ll notice when you open a private window in Opera 63, is information about the way it works. We want to make sure you know what kind of data is cleared once you leave private mode. However, we would also like you to be aware, that some data from private browsing (like new bookmarks you create) will still be visible in normal mode. Please check below for details.

    Directly after you close a private window, Opera will remove:
    - Browsing history.
    - Cookies and site data.
    - Information entered in the forms.

    In case you’d like to save some data while browsing, Opera will keep:
    - Speed dials.
    - Downloaded files.
    - Bookmarks.

    When you decide to save a bookmark, Opera will remind you, that the bookmark will be saved and visible in the bookmarks manager, bookmarks bar or start page, when you leave private mode.
    What is Private Mode?

    Private mode, also known as “incognito mode,” is a feature which gives you more privacy while browsing. This mode creates a separate session for browsing, one that doesn’t appear in your browser’s history. In addition, all data stored during that session – for example form data, can be wiped out completely.
    When and how to use Private Mode

    You can use private mode to search for something, without leaving a trace in your browser’s history. It can be used, when you’re looking for gifts or other curiosities, and you don’t want the content to show up in ads (or spoil the gift-receiver’s surprise!). Another reason to use private mode, is to log into a service using different credentials than in a non-private one. Finally, you can also use it to prevent websites from tracking you. The cookies created in private mode will be removed when you close the private browsing window.

    You should remember however, that when using private mode, you won’t be anonymous to your internet service provider, school or employer. So, any place or organization that provides your internet access might still be able to see the pages you visit.
    To summarize, you can use private mode to:
    - Use a web service, but log in using different credentials.
    - Search for something, and not leave traces in your history.
    - Do a bit of browsing on the side, and quickly get rid of all tabs and data.
    - Search for health issues.
    - Share your computer’s folders with another machine.
    Saving Bookmarks

    Based on your requests, a default location for saving bookmarks will be the Bookmarks Bar instead of the Other Bookmarks folder. You can still choose a different location yourself in the bookmarks popup when saving. Later, you can edit the bookmarks bar in bookmarks manager as well."
    The Chromium has been updated to version 76.0.3809.100.
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  • worst release ever sorry, but several things are broken which is unexceptable for a stable release.

    • the function "scroll to the top of the page by clicking the active tab" isn't working
    • can't connect my flow

    also it is possible to see somewhere the known issues?

    thanks in advance,

  • Hi @QuintenDeClerck, the My Flow issue is known, and Opera's guys are already on it - it's tracked as DNA-80330.

    The known issues are usually added in the announcement for the specific version on the blog, under "Known issues". They are also reported in the comments below article by some users, and sometimes confirmed by Opera's representatives.

  • @l33t4opera is there a web page where you can see all open issues?

  • @QuintenDeClerck, yes, there's Opera's Bug Tracking System, but it's not open to public visitors. You need a special permission to access it.

  • New update - Opera stable 63.0.3368.43 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    It includes a hotfix for the extensions issue.
    Important fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-79063 Address bar icons are hardly visible in private window in light mode.
    - DNA-80219 DCHECK at ExtensionDownloader::HandleManifestResults.
    - DNA-80330 [My Flow] The QR code, and connection code is not visible for some people.
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  • New update - Opera stable 63.0.3368.53 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    More fun and useful Snapshot improvements

    We’ve added new tools to make your snapshots even more delightful and handy.

    Now you can:
    - Add text to your snap using different colors and fonts.
    - Highlight an area.
    - Save the page as pdf – this option is now available through top button (it is still available from the Menu as well).
    - Copy and close – not only with the shortcut (Ctrl+S), but also with a button.
    Some of important fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-78143 Load async resources before rendering the page.
    - DNA-80193 Magnifying glass icon doesn’t match the search box boundaries in settings and extensions.
    - DNA-80416 Crash at opera::assistant::ProcessMonitorImpl::ObserveProcess(std::__1::basic_string const&, opera::assistant::ProcessMonitor::Observer*).
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  • New update - Opera stable 63.0.3368.66 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some of fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-74031 Download indicator doesn’t match progress.
    - DNA-77042 Something went wrong message in crypto wallet in private window.
    - DNA-79137 Crash at opera::installer::OptionsScreen::OnLanguageChanged.
    - DNA-80012 Zoom popup appears each time clicking ‘heart’ icon.
    The Chromium has been updated to version 76.0.3809.132.
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  • New update - Opera stable 63.0.3368.88 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "This update includes important security fixes, as well as a small crash fix.

    We also made tab deletion process faster, and fixed saving links to the bookmarks bar, that were previously saved to Other bookmarks folder."
    Some of fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-79103 Saving link to bookmarks saves it to Other bookmarks folder.
    - DNA-79455 Crash at views::MenuController::FindNextSelectableMenuItem(views::MenuItemView*, int, views::MenuController::SelectionIncrementDirectionType, bool).
    - DNA-80801 Very slow tab deletion process.
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  • New update - Opera stable 63.0.3368.94 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "This is a new Opera Stable build with some crash fixes."
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  • There's new update (on the ftp servers) - Opera stable 63.0.3368.107 ;-)

    It seems to be a silent one, since there is no info about it in the change log, and no official announcement on the blog for the time being.
    I might post about it accordingly, if it will be published.

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  • @l33t4opera said in Opera stable 63:

    There's new update (on the ftp servers) - Opera stable 63.0.3368.107 ;-)

    It seems to be a silent one, since there is no info about it in the change log, and no official announcement on the blog for the time being.
    I might post about it accordingly, if it will be published.

    ☕   🖖   🍺

    I've saw @amatczak repling today. 😲

    Maybe they were working or feeding the 🐒 s. 😄

  • Hi @zalex108, can you provide me with a link? Thanks in advance ;-)

  • @l33t4opera


    New commenting mechanism on Opera blogs
    3 Days ago - 5 October

  • @zalex108 Thanks, but it seems it's not about that. I mean that sometimes, there's a new build, but no information about it in the change log, neither official announcement about it on the blog, so it looks to be a silent update.

  • Oh!

    I just referring about a reply as they still working on Saturday, but not about the update itself.