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WEBP instead of GIF?

  • I save a lot of images, especially .gifs. However, I've noticed a lot of sites nowadays won't let me save things I know are .gifs as that file, but rather make me save them as .webps (at least on desktop Opera). It was annoying, but over the past few days it started happening on tumblr that random .gifs will save this way. Is there a way I can disable the .webp format?

  • @aznoire There isn't as far as I know, the site needs to change it.

    Sometimes changing something in the image address may help but you would need to find out what to change.

  • There are a few extensions at image as that allow you to save an image as a specific type. But, there's no "save as gif" Just webp, png and jpeg. I don't think they support apng and not even sure if the webp saving the extensions do supports animation.

    In reading about the situation for Chrome, sites that force webp on your don't really look at the 'Accept' header your browser sends and instead use your user agent. In this case for tumblr, you might be able to mask as a browser that doesn't support webp with a user-agent switcher extension to avoid having webp forced on you. Firefox, Edge and Chromium-Edge, and Vivaldi all support it too though (animated ones too).

    Besides that, you might have to use a converter to convert webp files to gif files. If they're animated though, you might want to use mp4 or webm (basically webp) instead like some sites do anyway as they're more efficient.

    One of those extensions mentioned above could be used to force webp on sites that don't force it. Then, you can just use webp from now on. Could work great with the good browser support there is for it, but it depends on what you're doing with the gifs.

  • @burnout426 What is a user-agent switcher? Is that an extension?

  • @aznoire Yes, it can be an extension.

  • I like for example. There are others though.

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