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VPN always brings me to Europe/Russia. Can I control this?

  • No matter what I select for my location (Americas, Asia, Europe) it doesn't matter. I never get English as my default language. Is there any way of making this work? English is the most widely used language on the planet so its very ironic that we can't get it to even show here no matter what the setting.

  • @rh99 Maybe if more people using the VPN start changing the language of the sites they visit to English, then those sites may start setting the language to English by default for those connections coming from Opera VPN servers.

  • @leocg Most sites don't have a language option! On Google Maps I set the destination to Canada. Doesn't make a difference. I set the language to English and its still in some foreign language! That's Google. Imagine what most websites do? Its insane. Why can't Opera set English as the language for when we select Americas? Why would they select a language in Europe for the Americas? Makes no sense.

  • @rh99 The browser sends me accept language info but it's up to the sites to use it or not.

    Those sites are probably guessing wrongly from where the connections are coming and, in consequence, setting the wrong language.

    There's nothing much that Opera can do.

  • Well, you could turn off Opera VPN completely, download and install the free ProtonVPN app and Bob's your uncle! No more Opera VPN problems.

  • @esebm I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this problem or is it just me in Canada? Of course there are other VPN's. I'm curious about this one, hence my post here. And I never trusted my Uncle Bob.