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  • Here we're to talk types and properties of our internet connection(s), also - if you like - offers in your area or what else...

    Just this morning I got reconnected to another ISP. They'd promised more speed, but...
    Well, I've resorted to internet services to check the speed. What do you think of this one?

  • One of the results was as this:

  • What about this?

  • Today it was gross: :wow:

  • What is jitter: ?

  • It was 18 and 3 now...

  • Well, looks like your numbers are better than mine. Mind you, the limiting factor is most likely on this end (my wi-fi connection to my router) and not my ISP itself.

  • Did you measure the difference with/without? your numbers are better than mine.

    I guess it may depend on the time of day(/night). Right?
    I thought different, but now I see it was likely to be a busy time, I don't know. What I know I got some incredibles in a certain dead time.
    For example, through American servers in their dead time - it might've been between late night & early morning there. Though I'm not exactly sure about that now. What I know is that drops happen, too... Or certain testers - maybe going through deep Foreighground🙂 - show about twice less than the contract nominal.

    Usually files/pages load slower than that anyway.

  • I'd have to connect to fibre broadband to get your speeds but that costs more and I don't really need it. As it is I get around 17Mbs and it hardly ever deviates, it used to at peak times but that doesn't seem to happen anymore, upgrading or changing ISP isn't worth the risk while it's so stable.

    1. My previous ISP was local, but it didn't have a free-phone, and their main office was to pass through a cloud of narcoes' foeces/stench from a lower situated narco-bar (tobacco-pooping allowed and the door is always open). I complained and warned them that I would stop using their internet service if they didn't do something that I shouldn't go through humiliation to reach them...
    2. The present one allows speeds you have been ing about, plus a free help-line. They're more than local (Russia's or regional), though having an office in town.
      A con: they tend to bother me early morning. And they stole the other guys' connection tag on my desctop while installing.:)
  • Just got how to use this test. It's a map and it's interactive.
    So I got my ISP's nearest server:

  • Run it automatic: .

  • It picked some other server (never heard about): Moscow - Cinelab

  • well, how 'fast' the connection it is. That fast enough that I can even load the speedtest website. another say story, lol

  • What the heck is it?

    Yes, I'm with a USB modem, and the speeds are not too high, but this one I can't clearly recall happening:
    I run a radiostream in my player, the bandwidth is more than enough, I open a browser (it was Firefox, but it doesn't seem to matter much) - pages won't load; I tried the other two browsers - either "Can't connect" or "Time out".
    The modem shows low speeds - I guess the bandwidth somehow gets busy/jammed. Because you know what? One page loaded o'k (a Mozilla one in my Olde Opera), and downloading a Firefox upgrade (~40MB), the speeds were high and healthy - still the stream running.
    Well, now I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting (without a reboot), let's see what happens now... I closed the player, loading speeds are not low - pages load...

    What was (is) that?
    What could be the nature of the jam? Applications get kinda "suspended" of sorts, direct loading (files) seemed o'k...