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  • @mfingkk78 TinySuspender does it 🙂

  • Loving it so far. I'd long been a fan of the Great Suspender in Chrome, which offers similar functionality (may well be the inspiration for this one). I dropped from Opera using 1.3g to 500m, upon suspending all tabs. And it seems to leave them suspended on restart of Opera, which is great.

    So those of us who like many tabs can do it without the memory squeeze. Now we need only deal with the people who fat-shame us, as if we're wrong to want to have many tabs open. Different strokes, folks. There are reasons that bookmarks don't work well. (We may want to be able to retrace our steps in the history for an open tab, which a bookmark would not do.)

    And I can confirm that a tab suspended by this tool does retain its history.

    Indeed, a quirk I just encountered was that I found (perhaps after the browser restart) that I could not unsuspend the tab by clicking it, like it should (and had before, in testing before the browser restart). But I could just hit the back button and the "previous" page before the "suspended" screen was the page that had been suspended, and all the pages before it in the history of that tab were indeed still there.

    And some minutes later I could again use the feature to click a page to unsuspend it.

    Time will tell how things go, but again so far, so good.

  • [Alert] Absolutely do not install this extension! It puts you into a nightmare trap where it is very difficult to escape!! (Apart from, not working as stated).

    Attention - do not close opera browser executable or reboot computer while this extension is active, or you will almost surely experiment data loss, because it is not able to restore tabs above some undefined number, after an Opera reboot, and behave with complicated failures.

    • Do not simply disable or remove this extension, as it will let you with many "suspended" tabs, and I dunno if you could see the original address or the suspension page after extension uninstall.

    I've managed to formulate an escape strategy for the people already captured by that nightmare, that I have used to escape myself from the prison.

    [Escape strategy] Before to remove or disable the extension, you have to:

    1. [1] first, disable the automatic web page suspending by the extension, by going into settings for the ext and putting all 9 into time and number setting (right up text boxes) and also putting an * into the exception list (downwards), then saving with Save button, and then checking the setting have been both taken for real;
    2. [2] for each opera window you have currently open (and that you still need):
      a) for each useful tab, go activate it; if it gets not automagically unsuspended, and it is not unsuspending even by touching the tab window with mouse anywhere, then do select carefully all the displayed web address (ignoring the opera toast popup), then drag that blue selected text rectangle, straight into the address bar, so the tab is able to reload the original page (note: any written field data, or positioning / interaction info, will be already lost, but the page itself will be regained at last);
      b) after having un-zombied all the tabs for current window, recheck them all one time again (verify that are all still active and not suspended again);
      c) optionally (but heavily suggested), save the recovered window's tabs on a tab saving extension (I use Tab Hamster but any will do) giving some logical name, so you can recover them anyway (disclaimer - I am not linked with that extension)
    3. [3] after done these steps on all opened Opera windows, and having double checked that all the tabs are still active on all windows and not suspended again, go in Opera extension manager, and disable the Tab Suspender extension on your PC;
    4. [4] please do another check on all windows, and if all the tabs are still ok, you can safely uninstall the extension (does instead any problem occur, do not uninstall, reactivate it, and replay prior steps to recover all the tabs carefully, including checking the (1) automatism disabling, prior to disable and check again). Only uninstall when all the tabs are safely recovered.

    Hope this could save you as it has saved me.

    I think @Opera #Opera should remove this extension because it is highly dangerous for the user data (opened tab and web pages) , and it is abandoned and no more maintained by the developer or other fellows (seeing GitHub page, latest updates date to 2017, and the list of problem unsolved is enormous).

  • @cratte: If the suspended pages are still visible, you could select all the web address and drag it to the address bar in the same tab. But I dunno if the suspend page is still visible after uninstall, I doubt.
    Update: In the Ext support page Faq, there is a smart box to retrieve the original address from the suspended page web address. Using this is possible to retrieve the suspended tabs after uninstall.

  • @albertop


    Sorry for your bad experience, but here, using it for years, on different Vivaldi, Opera, Chrome and FireFox versions, Zero Problems.

    You could have occasional problems on OS Crashes, but can't remember any case.

    This settings works fine here.


    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Back up | Reset

  • @zalex108 I'm sorry I do not agree with you.

    If you read the Github for that Extension you will see many open unsolved issues and innumerable complaints about big problems on the restore session when Opera get anyway closed and then reopened.

    The fact that in your experience you are fine until now, only means that your usage profile of the tabs do not have until now triggered the bad functioning, that will surely lead you to loose al your info and opened tabs when it happens.
    I advise you to follow my suggestion and then remove this extension, because you (and any other user playing with this extension active) are suspended under a Damocle's sword. But, you could ignore my advice and wait for it to happen.

    Myself instead, I could not be living under a constant menace, and could not consider that extension any way affordable for my exigences.
    Development is abandoned from mid 2017, and also the latest updates (if you read into GitHub above link) leaded to a growing sequel of new problems instead to solve the existing, then the developer disappeared. A number of forks have also been made.

    In my opinion, Opera Software should review all the extensions that are on the Store and remove by authority those dangerous for the user's data as this one is, even if some users can live with it not triggering the bad workings.

    I have carefully avoided to close Opera until I've retrieved all my tab and removed the extension, but anyway, in my usage experience, I have seen a number of malfunctions of other kind, as, for instance, not retrieving a tab when clicked (15-20% of the times), reloading a different (wrong) tab instead of that clicked (this happens whenever the base address is the same, for instance with forum's URL and so) so not recovering the specific tab clicked, and so on.
    With all these alarms on, and with my not satisfying experience, I've decided to unload this extension, that was a nightmare menace to me.

    Also, I've not see such a dramatic decrease in the memory occupied by Opera while using the extension. The tabs are still there and so is the process for each tab, and the memory seems not to decrease when I have looked for it into Process Hacker or Process Explorer.

    Hence, in my experience the ext does not even provide an advantage for my problem, that is to reduce memory footprint, then I have resolved to return to my previous solution, to use tab saver extensions (like Tab Hamster or any other tab saver extension) to save all the tab of a search I've done, then close all tabs of the window.
    Definitely I resolved to think that I can't pretend that opening many tabs could not use memory, and I posed more attention on my responsibility to keep control of how many window I need to keep opened in a given moment (too many, usually).

    I still suggest to all people that currently have this extension installed, to remove it by following the steps I have outlined above, and to stay away from it because, if it can work mostly well for a certain time (but not providing real advantage), it is just question of how many tab or windows you can open, to trigger the bad behavior and to loose them all in a single time.
    Or ,to have an uncontrollable unresponding browser while session manager is trying to restore the tabs, that is the same, as the browser will crash or you will need to kill it, and your unrestored tabs will be gone same way.

    [on the OT spam]
    As for you OT backup software spamming advice in footer, I already have a product that handles my backups. But, I don't like people spamming for money on conversations threads, so please don't insist in your bad practice, that is contrary to the forum rules here and everywhere, and remove your unacceptable footer.

  • @albertop

    I've had occasional problems clicking without response, but fixed resetting the extension.

    About the rest, Ok.

    About the SPAM, 🤔
    No ones pays me for help.

  • It is one of the simplest apps to use and setup is a breeze. It is also one of my most used apps beside the Opera ad blocker.
    I really don't know how anyone can be stymied by it. Set the timeout for your tabs and other preferences in the app setup (by clicking the browsers big red O on the left side of the Opera browser and hover over Extensions, then select Extensions > My Add-on's. Scroll down to Tab Suspender and click on the Options button). To restore a page that is suspended you just click the tab then click on the page. It quickly "wakes up" the page.
    As I have Opera set to start when I start my computer all of the suspended tabs are left that way from the last session and my Opera browser loads very fast.

  • The Extention-options (open in new window) icon just blinks but does nothing. I have restarted opera and still it is the same usage of memory.

  • This was supposed to suspend the tabs in Opera from loading and it definitely does that but it [Caps are not allowed] to the memory consumption.

    I kept 22 tabs opened and before and after Tab Suspender, there was nearly zero difference in memory usage as reported by Windows Task Manager.

    As soon as I removed it, it took away all the open tabs (as reported by some users) but I was prepared for this and had bookmarked them.

    Also, as mentioned earlier, the Extension-options icon does nothing so exceptions et cetera cannot be added.

    Two-two thumbs-down.


  • Ахрененное приложение

  • It just suspended a tab that I was using automatically. Also, there are tabs that won't be suspended when I "Suspend all tabs" or "Suspend other tabs" even though I didn't make an exception to that tab or website. Some tabs, when opening the browser, will turn into an about:blank page and will never unsuspend, and I can't workaround it if I can't go back a page.

    This has made using Opera so much more stressful.

  • @muizzs: it's acting weird for me today too. It's been suspending tabs of whitelisted domains. It never did this before. Maybe a new version of Opera broke it?

  • Отлично я доволен

  • As user @albertop8 has previously stated, this extension will erase many hibernated tabs if you disable/remove it, beware.

  • @palx I already made sure to wake up any tabs before removing. Thanks!

  • virus ,after install this extension crash browser.

  • Если бы действительно выгружалась память, цены бы не было приложению.