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FVD speed dial dead? volatilized? the end at Opera?

  • What sadness, damage of not being able to modify the vignettes with the fast access of Opera. I find the thumbnails chosen really too flashy / loaded, I appreciate those that allows to display only the name of the site as can do in FVD Speed Dial.

    If not, for quick access, is it possible to remove the suggestions?

  • @1breton Yes, you can disable it in settings.

    And you also can change the thumbnails.

  • Goto here to download the Opera version of FVD Speed Dial. Right-click on "Add to Opera" and save the crx file to your computer. Extract the crx file to a folder (with 7-zip for example). In the folder, goto "js/bg/newtab_replace.js" and edit it. Uncomment the commented code and save your changes. Then, in manifest.json in the root of the folder, delete the update URL info (just for good measure) and save your changes.

    Then, in Opera, goto the URL opera://extensions and switch on developer mode. Then, choose "load unpacked extension" and point it to the folder. The extension should then load fine.

  • @burnout426 I've checked, this method works.

  • @burnout426 said in FVD speed dial dead? volatilized? the end at Opera?:


    Where is this located on macOS?

  • @headspacedude Wherever you have extracted the extension.

  • @burnout426 Thanks a bunch. You made my day

  • @burnout426 Used your advice on getting the FVD Speed Dial to work and has worked very well until I had an update to opera browser. Tried going back through the steps to no avail..... any new information on how to fix this

  • It's missing from the Chrome Web Store right now. Not sure why.


    Install the one from for now.

    Then, install and in its options, set chrome-extension://pncpfofkienlinhfknpmgjnjhdoclfhh/newtab.html as the custom URL (don't forget to click save at the bottom of the options page).

  • When I use FVD Speed Dial, I only use the "Default" group. I don't create any others and I disable the "Popular" group. I also disable click counts etc. And, for the style, I choose the classic mode (that has the white background by default). I don't like the 3D stuff. I also disable the search field.

    With that said, I use the following settings in Opera to make its start page close to FVD Speed Dial's.

    Goto the URL opera://settings/startPage.

    Hide Search Box : Enabled
    Hide Speed Dial: Disabled
    Hide "Add a site" button: Enabled
    Receive promoted Speed Dials and Bookmarks: Disabled
    Show Speed Dial suggestions: Disabled
    Use bigger tiles: Enabled
    Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware: Disabled
    Automatically adjust the maximum number of columns: Disabled
    Maximum number of columns:: 5
    Show news on start page: Disabled
    Show Continue Shopping section: Disabled
    Show Continue on section: Disabled

    Goto the URL opera://settings/onStartup.

    Display the start page first: Disabled

    Goto the URL opera://settings/wallpapers.

    Enable wallpapers: Disabled

    And, if I want. I just create a 128 x 128px white pic in MSPaint, save it as a whitebg.png, turn on wallpapers and set that as my wallpaper to have an all-white background like FVD Speed Dial has in classic mode.

    Then, when I want to add a page to the start page, I goto the site and click the heart icon in the address field and choose to save it to the speed dial page. Doing it that way allows for more choices for the thumbnail, which simulates FVD Speed Dial a little more.

    Something to consider.

  • @burnout426 You are awesome...thanks for the help and it worked great.. I keep seeing that FVD Speed dial has pup file attached but I have never had malwarebytes or any other virus software catch anything