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  • @rejzor: I have the same problem. It took me a lot of time to know it was caused by the addon. Anyway, beside this I love it!

  • Come on, update the damn extension already so it stops spawning the retarded sidebar. Jesus, it's been almost a year since I reported it and apparently no one gives a flying F about it.

  • @rejzor We've submitted updates to Opera several months ago to address these problems, but they have not reviewed and published our updates. Not sure what else we can do. I've pinged them again asking them to please review and publish our updates.

  • @bitwarden: Thanks for clarifying the situation. I don't know what the hell is going on at Opera. It seems like they just don't give a damn about anything anymore. First this problem with your addon and they can't be bothered to update a submitted addon update, they just removed Opera Mini from Apple App Store over night without giving any explanation and left users who depended on Opera Sync hanging because they now have no mobile apps to use sync with (Opera Touch can't sync anything). It's like they don't even care about anything anymore. I guess I'll just stop bothering trying Opera and stick with Firefox where things at least work despite endless idiocies as well. At least they update your extension there when you submit it...

  • @bitwarden Thank you very much! I hope Opera team publish it as soon as possible.

  • @diezi: I've contacted Opera support about it and they've forwarded the issue to appropriate team, lets see when they'll update it now...

  • Hey, can i access my self-hosted Bitwarden installation?

  • how do you uninstall this "BITWARDEN"?

  • @larsahlstrom Go to the extensions managerpage in Opera and click on the X next to the extension name.

  • Unfortunately it does not live up to LastPass yet. Filling forms by clicking the extension bar (instead an icon within the form itself) is rather unconvenient. (OsX)

  • Thank you very much for creating Bitwarden.

  • Excelente!!!

    Gerenciador de senhas gratuito, leve e funcional.
    Sincroniza todas as suas senhas em tempo real em múltiplas plataformas.

  • Bitwarden > LastPass

  • Brutal extensión para mejorar la seguridad en tus contraseñas y gestionarlas de forma cómoda y sencilla. De los mejores gestores que he probado y sin lugar a dudas me quedo con él por siempre. 👏👏

  • Not as bloaty as Lastpass but autofill fails a lot of the time. It's incapable of recognizing login pages on the same domain that also offer logins (not even Opera which uses the same login details for sync and the addons pages). See the "unforgiveable issue" below. I also have more than one account on some sites (Wellsfargo for instance) but Bitwarden does not allow me to set a default or prioritize a login (at least not in Opera) so I cannot just click the field and let it fill in the info.

    One unforgivable issue is that if offers to create and copy password for new logins but then doesn't record the very website you created the login info for!!!! So searching vainly for

    Another major annoyance is that when I am registering on a website it does not have the ability to fill in my identities at all. Always tells me no info for this site or something to that effect. I have to open my identity and copy and past from every field. Lastpass never had that problem (still no interest in gong back to that :p ). It is a major pain.

    The devs are great people and are doing their best which is why I don't give this a lower rating. I have brought up some of these issues with them but since some of the problems persist on almost every single domain it's pointless to tell them every time what webpage is a problem.

  • By far the best password manager there is. The free tier is amazing and the paid plans are cheap and even better. Love it!

  • nice update! new color looks great.

  • The best. 🙂

  • the very extrem Best

  • After 1Password got all greedy and ridiculously expensive, this is the best password manager I've used so far, and I've used almost all of them. Nothing stuck around with me for one reason or another, and I kept looking, until I found his one.
    Been using it for almost a year now and loving it to the point that I think it's somewhat better than 1Password. Lightweight and not as bloated with features nobody needs. Is available on absolutely all platforms as app and in all browsers as extension.
    I've now got myself a paid account because I'm pretty sure I've found what I need.
    Wholeheartedly recommend Bitwarden.